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  1. 4.1 place ads in stream - Suggestion

    That's a great idea!
  2. Save Article as Draft

    How do I save without publishing? I am using 4.0. When I click on Save it appears. I don't see any other options.
  3. Save Article as Draft

    I don't think that allows you to queue up articles to be published at a future date though does it?
  4. Save Article as Draft

    There is no Published Date (that I have found). That would be sweet!
  5. Save Article as Draft

    I've been taking advantage of Articles quite a bit now that I have moved to 4.0. When writing articles, I find it easier to write the article first then later add images and do formatting later. Normally one would put the article in Draft during that time. I suppose I can publish the article and hide it but wouldn't it be easier to have a Draft status? That way others editors can view and make changes? I suppose Hidden would work. But to me hidden is more of an "unpublished" status. How do others do this?
  6. IP Content is messing with my head

    I've noticed some weird stuff as well. Not having any previous experience with IP.Content, I thought maybe it was just me.
  7. Add tags to topics

    I recently moved to 4.0 and want to really take advantage of tags now. Would be nice to be able to select multiple topics and apply specific tags to them. Doing this one at a time is pretty tedious.
  8. 4.1 Beta release...

    Of course. It's because upgraded to 4.0 yesterday!
  9. (BD4) Shoutcast Radio

    Installs pretty easy enough. Worked with support on it, but never got it to play any station.
  10. Idea for Marketplace

    I find myself constantly looking at the Marketplace to see if specific apps or plugins have been updated as I anxiously await a 4.x version of several of them (hint hint). I've been using follow topic as a way to check, but I was wondering if a "favorite" or "bookmark" type feature in the Store app would be helpful. Not unlike Amazon's Wish List. Just a thought.
  11. I for one really dig the Activity Stream. My only concern is that it seems a little slow. I am hoping this jut means it hasn't been optimized or something. If it ends up being this slow at FCS, I can see this as a real problem with adoption.
  12. Manage Purchases

    Maybe it was there before, but I just noticed it this morning. I like that there is a way to view past purchases via the Marketplace (Marketplace > Manage Purchases). I think it would be helpful though after drilling down to an individual item, if you could somehow navigate to its location in the Marketplace. There are lots of plugins and apps I have purchased over the years and have for whatever reason deactivated or removed them all together. It would be nice if I could click over to the item in the Marketplace to see if there is a new/updated version available.
  13. It's pushing my OCD is on overdrive! They should all be filled or all be open. Personally I think all filled looks better.
  14. Great idea! I've set up 30 levels on my site. They are meant to fun and encourage posting. Folks look forward to achieving the next level. But often times I see posts like, "hey I just noticed I am now ..." It would be kind of neat to be able to send a notification. Especially now with 4.1's instant notification feature.