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  1. - Invision Power France - http://www.invisionpower.fr

  2. AndyF    FDFR

    ayez bon anniversaire :)
    I hope that is correct.

  3. FDFR    AndyF

    Thanks for your compliments

  4. AndyF    FDFR

    Very nice skins :)

  5. FDFR    .Ryan

    Hello (It's Bonjour), Thanks for your compliments. Version soon in english:)

  6. .Ryan    FDFR

    Very nice theme you have going at IP France... except I can make out little French... don't even know if I spelled hello right :P

  7. Bon voyage FDFR et Missindo ! :D

  8. Happy new year!

  9. Happy New Year my friend !

  10. Bonne année Brandon :)

  11. Bonne année à toi et Delphine ! :)

  12. Bonjour!
    Can't wait to see you in January either. I'm telling you...my wife will get you drunk when you are here at some point. Just ask Keith. Or Meredith. Or Billy. Or anyone who has come over to my house LOL.
    Talk to you on AIM mon ami.

  13. I will be happy to see you in january i'll really enjoy this date

  14. Missindo la reine IPB :$

  15. re ! à demain mon ami ! :)