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  1. Classifieds

    it's been years since the application has seen no updates... why are you guys keeping your expectations up?
  2. As far as i can see, the invision power community uses Amazon SES for sending email answers to clients on support tickets. I haven't checked if emails from the board come through Amason SES as well.. but it wouldn't surprise me
  3. Import RSS feeds as posts

    So... there is no way we can import feeds as posts... ? I actually need it to import images in the gallery automatically from instagram... but importing them in a topic as posts would be as well helpful.
  4. It would be great to let members import calendar events to their iphone and android phones just by accessing a link... I don't see this possibility yet
  5. Mandrill works fine for mass mailing... but there is a new product, a lot cheaper and with the same versatility: statitics, subscribes/unsubscribes, user locations.. etc.. Sendy is built to work with any email sending provider as long as it has a username, password and smtp access, altghough it is perfectly integrated with Amazon SES service and it has great statistics, to me, more easily readable than from mandrill.  Check it out:  
  6. Classifieds

    Take it as a joke Einstein said: "Insanity is repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results."now... do you think waiting is an option?
  7. Total Time Spent Online

    Always liked this plugin
  8. Default Guest Language

    Cool! I really needed this!
  9. I already purchased the application and i am using it... though, this is some mission functionality... quite important and game changing IMORyan has not responded yet to this custom request... so, it's an open one now.
  10. Here's more:As far as i used tags and prefixes on topics we can draw a conclusion that tags can be many and prefixes are less in numbers, due to the fact that they should describe topics in short.As well as a tag cloud that can be very useful in the sidebar of a forum listing topics to filter/search by tags, a prefix cloud or list could be equally useful to filter content in a forum.If there is anybody willing to take on this task to develop this sidebar block and functionality, i am willing to pay.
  11. We have this great functionality, tags and prefixes but it's full potential is still not reached. Here's what could be done to further improve this: Develop a tag cloud block on the sidebar of every forum with the most used tags in the topics from that forum (or all forums if the block is used on the homepage). Selecting any of the tags, should/could filter topics in the forum, allowing members to quickly sort their so needed content. If this filtering is too complicated, even redirecting the members to the search page would be an improvement.
  12. I am wondering if there is any block that can be set as "filter by tags" that i can set visible in the topic list view of some or all forums.It would be mindblowing to have the possibility to combine Ryans plugin "Tags and Prefixes"  with this functionality
  13. Links Directory

    i'm here with the same question... any support for invision board 4?
  14. ProMenu Plus

    compatibility with 4.x?
  15. Total Time Spent On Forums

    any news for upgrading compatibility to 4.x?