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  1. Promote Members by Reputation Points/Likes

    I would like a way to combine this with the other methods (ex. require rep + posts)
  2. [CH59] Award Icons - Light Icons

    Thank you very much!
  3. Post Anonymously

    Great feature!
  4. MoonSkin 3.3 Pro Dark Skins [UPDATE]

    This is a beautiful skin, but on forums with a lot of applications, it will not display properly.
  5. twitter login panel

    Great little hook, I love the style. The default login should be like this - I agree!
  6. This is a very neat idea for a collaberative writing/roleplay site - and for many other types of forums. I support it.
  7. Report form need a captcha to stop spambots

    I believe that it should be added as an option to have a captcha on the report form for guests, just as it is for "forgot password", and other functions that can be abused by automated programs. This would (ideally) be able to be enabled/disabled in settings, like any other options in IP.Board. I currently have the ability for guests to report posts turned off, mainly because if I don't, spam bots will (and they have before I turned it off) fill in the report form with spam. I for one would love to be able to turn the ability for guests to report posts on, with the CAPTCHA option so I don't have to worry about spam. My community exists just as much for reading as it does posting, and there are many 'guests' who read posts every day, but never register because they don't intend on posting... these 'guests' are just as much of the reason I started the community as the members are.
  8. Community Suite Concern.

    This is good news. IPS treats us much better than the vB boys do.
  9. Community Suite Concern.

    So, I'll need to buy the core?
  10. I currently have a license for IP.Board and IP.Content. When the suite comes out, will I need to buy the whole thing just to keep what I have?
  11. (M34) Auto Welcome Members

    Works on 3.3 for me! Great mod!
  12. I'm going to be very blunt here. This method is extremely controversial, and perhaps (no offense) one of the worst "old tricks" to make your board appear populated. Members aren't dumb, they'll either catch on that the fake accounts have suddenly stopped posting, or will see through the accounts and notice that it's all one person. The falsely generated discussions don't appear nearly as fluid as true discussions. Deceiving your members or potential members is no way to build a community. It will earn you a bad reputation, and make you seem like you simply want the power of being the administrator of a large forum. Do you know what's just as easy, and a much better way of getting posts and members to your board? Starting a community about a topic you and your friends are passionate about, and having them join in on the fun! I'm absolutely appalled at the recommendations to "Create Controversy"! Deceiving your members is no way to build a community.
  13. What will 3.2 hold?

    XenForo doesn't appeal to me. I've been using IPB for a while, and I much like it. Sure, there's TONS of things it can improve on - but XenForo or even vBulletin is a huge step down.