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  1. It would of been nice to have a facebook style forum feed section on the forum, showing latest topics and images, accessible from a forum header link.. This would be great.. An ios/android app for easy image uploads would be great also..
  2. Duplicate Members Logger

    Can we get some sort of search or ascending order for logged duplicate accounts at the minute, its not very user friendly at all....other than that its great.
  3. 4.0 - Messenger

    Can we not got a facebook style message service that would be cool
  4. Yes it looks a messy solution I've got similar issues.
  5. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Can't wait for the fresh release of IPB4.0 , come on, its been an age!! (w00t)
  6. Nexus Ads

    Nexus is very poor to be honest... You'd be better off with IPS original subscription package they had and a separate shopping cart, in fact any shopping cart if your selling physical goods, nexus is very sub standard. the best part is its integrated, the rest well, how can i honestly describe it....crap maybe?
  7. Classifieds

    When will members get the ability to add an email to receive payment for their items using paypal? Is this possible..
  8. Upgraded and a few members are complaining that the quote system is rubbish, and prefer the old setup..
  9. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Miscellaneous Enhancements

    Is it possible to upload images as attachments from iphones now direct to IPB?
  10. Nexus Listing every item

    Makes sense. You probably wont get a reply though.
  11. Arrange "Featured" items & Sale prices

    1. Should be standard on all ecommerce software, its been requested ages ago.. 2. Yes should have some order feature for products... 3. Same problem with mine so I have to use list view... Theres probably many members with the same issues, I've just installed opencart and its simple and an excellent cart, if you don't need it to tie in with forum members..
  12. Stock Count of Items

    Come on IPS these all improve the functionality of nexus..
  13. Stock Count of Items

    It would be great if we could have a page with all the items sold on your nexus store and then how much stock is left in each size, color, etc .. In a quick easy to view format. Could this be added?
  14. Yes global sidebars would be handy.
  15. Post Your IPB 3.4 Suggestion(s)/Opinions HERE!

    I think unapproved posts should be visible to the members posting them... As it is only mods/admin can see them and the members make multiple duplicate posts thinking there been a problem !!