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  1. (Wolf) Reply Into New PC

    One problem we have on the site where this is installed is that when you quote into a PC when you hit enter to leave the quote it keeps creating new blank quotes.  The only way to get around this is the plaint text editor.   Also are you going to be updating this for IPB v4?
  2. Will my plan for learning IP Board work?

    The smilies you could also use just by copying the files over from your smiley directory to the smiley directory on IPB. You can also do the same with your gallery avatars. I remember when I upgraded from PHPBB a fair amount of my information was able to transfer over
  3. Evaluating IPB vs. vB for new site.

    I know that the second one is achieved through the news function standard in IPB. I can't access my board right now otherwise I'd tell you more