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  1. ZackL added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Suggestion - Recheck members against IPS Spam Service
    I posted a question over in the Client Lounge, but got told to re-post here since it's not currently a feature. :)

    Anyway, the idea stems from having my community license inactive for a while. The suggestion would be to allow administrators to force a recheck of all members (batch-processed perhaps for larger boards) against the IPS spam service.

    I realize this probably is a niche request though. Maybe someone else has a less-niche idea to attach to this idea? :)

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  2. ZackL added a post in a topic Securiry: using auto update by GIT.   

    He's talking about updating easier, not necessarily auto-updating.
  3. ZackL added a post in a topic features i would like to see   

    Not to mention @Ticket System, I think there's a 3rd party app on the Marketplace that does it?

    edit: Although, it appears it hasn't been updated recently, likely because of IP.Nexus.

    edit 2:
  4. ZackL added a post in a topic Suggestion: Stop spammers posting spam links in Status updates   

    Only explanation I have is a possible permission oversight (it happens) when your board was originally configured. Although, out-of-box I do believe things are secured (meaning html posting is disabled for all groups).

    Personally, I just pretty much setup the "Validating" group to guest permissions and restrict them from posting.
  5. ZackL added a post in a topic Seo Templates.... Gotta be a better way.   

    Owner A would indeed be unhappy :(

    Great idea :)
  6. ZackL added a post in a topic 3.4.0 beta?   

    I think he meant a downloadable copy from the QA area here. I personally want to take a look at the IPS Connect feature so I can start implementing it on an account system I've been wanting to make.
  7. ZackL added a post in a topic Suggestion: Stop spammers posting spam links in Status updates   

    Better question is how are your spammers getting through? Or are they human spammers with legitimate emails? If they're not human spammers, as long as you have an active IPB license, the IPS Spam Service should catch them. If it's not, try configuring its actions in: ACP -> System Settings -> Members -> Spam Prevention

    An idea you could do is moderate their posting (this might also moderate status updates for them - I don't use status updates personally).

    Another idea is to "Remove Status Update ability" from the group(s) you so desire.

    ACP -> Members -> Member Groups -> [select group] -> Global [tab] -> "Remove Status Update ability" => yes
  8. ZackL added a post in a topic features i would like to see  and

    Haven't used them personally, but I'm planning on trying them out in the next month or so. Have to get the money together for them.
  9. ZackL added a post in a topic test-install without live-install   

    If I'm understanding right, you're asking whether you can install a test board without a live board installed. This, to my knowledge, is acceptable as long as you're using the test key and as long as you follow the things outlined in that article you linked. That is:
    Host it on an intranet server; or, Upload it to your website and disable new registrations + turn the community offline
  10. ZackL added a post in a topic Suggestion: Wikiposts - collaborative posts editable by multiple users   

    This idea would be awesome tbh. Something like stackoverflow's pseudo-wiki editing of posts.
  11. ZackL added a post in a topic Wordpress and IP.Board   

    There's nothing wrong with WP. I still find it preferable to IP.Blog myself, except for the lack of integration between IP.Board and WP (I kept having duplicate user accounts being created). However, with the announcement of IPS Connect, I suspect this integration won't be a problem.

    That said, if you're looking for a pure IPS implementation, Brandon's spot on when suggesting IP.Content as a solution to your initial question.
  12. ZackL added a post in a topic Uploads to Amazon S3 option   

    Good point. Although not to argue further, the Google API's are a setting you can opt for on your own forum.

    I'm interested in IPS' CDN implementation. I may have to look into getting that setup (if, for anything, knowledge of how to set it up)
  13. ZackL added a post in a topic Oauth2 Server API for IPB   

    I was wondering whether IPSConnect allowed transmission of "meta"/extra data too, such as reputation. Kinda like how stackoverflow/stackexchange work (although they don't share reputation across sites for anything but showing credibility of the user on their other sister sites.)

    Another idea for such meta data would be sharing avatars. Although you can argue for people to use gravatars...

    My $0.02.
  14. ZackL added a post in a topic Uploads to Amazon S3 option   

    Likely, this would have to be a 3rd party addition. I don't think IPS is in the habit of relying on 3rd party tools/websites that might go down.
  15. ZackL added a post in a topic FTP and/or file system integration suggestion   

    I don't recall that, but then again, I haven't had IPD installed for a good time (and I can't get it downloaded again through the client center since it's expired right now :() I'll see about digging through my old downloads to see if I can find a copy and try this.

    Does this bulk import create categories based on folders? ie:

    file system:

    Would it create a top-level category called "Games" then a sub category for "GameA" and then sub-categories to that called "Mods" and "Skins"?