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  1. Breadcrumbs idea

    Sorry if this was suggested before. Pages should have a full breadcrumb tree if they're inside folders. It doesn't make sense to see "Home > [page name]" in the breadcrumbs view. For instance, I have a page called "mapratings" inside a hierarchy of folders: [site root]/games/renegade. The breadcrumbs should read: "Home > Games > Renegade > Map Ratings"
  2. Critique my community

    We actually have ran prize contests in the past. We haven't recently for some reason though. Also welcome @Izaya Orihara 
  3. Critique my community

    URL: I'm looking for some feedback on my community and how I could try to get more activity. It sorta feels like we're on life support. Not sure if this is the right forum. We're an old community that's seen splits through the years because there's quite a bit of drama in our main game we host (C&C Renegade). And there are only 2-3 big communities left for this game (mostly due to age of game). I recently went through the forums and cleaned up the category bloat we accrued over the recent years and consolidated a lot of it to be simpler, even if that means expanding the forum length.  
  4. Donation Goals

    The goals in the donation feature of Commerce (IPS4) seems poorly implemented. I don't know if it's unfinished or what. My first suggestion is to incorporate an option to reset goals on any interval (default to monthly if a goal is recurring) and a date field for when the goal should reset. My second suggestion is an option when making/editing a goal to hide the goal when it's been reached and/or implement a publish/expire date system like Board has for topics in the  moderator options.   I'm an admin on a gaming community and I'm looking to automate a couple mundane things like resetting these goals each month..
  5. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    I was talking about the main site background, honestly. The background is too busy.
  6. Show us your IPB 4 sites!

    The background images make the site a lot harder to read. Try replacing the background with something less busy or more muted.
  7. Show us your IPB 4 sites! The theme is new to us, just recently upgraded this month (December 2015) to IPS4. Liking it overall, except for some admin usability features. Anyway, just overhauled the forum structure to be less convoluted because we had category forums under root categories and it was all messy... Moved most things under root categories. Some things are pending a move until we get a script written to mass tag everything in a single forum or we buy advanced tags/prefixes for v4.  
  8. Mostly politics at my community I'm with - some are questioning "why" we should upgrade. And our theme. We're trying to find a theme we like for 4.0. Mostly though, I don't have download access at the moment to the license because it's held by another community member and he recently left. So I'm trying to get him to transfer the license to me since I do the IPB upgrades over there.
  9. Thanks! What menu is that under?
  10. Not talking IPS Addons. Those I know are in the client portal. But how/where can I find out what addons I've purchased from the marketplace here? Maybe I'm just missing something here. Thanks in advance!
  11. To answer some of your questions: 1. You would need to purchase separate licenses for each installation. 3. IPS Connect (this is built-in) does this by sharing accounts between sites. I think the user would have to login once on each site they wish to use as it creates a local "meta" account entry that just tells IPS to the account is stored elsewhere, and it also gives the user a member ID for posting to that community.. For SSO to work, they have to be on the same primary domain (ie: * There's relevant documentation already here on the forums/website. 4. IP.Content databases will serve this purpose nicely I think. 
  12. I posted a question over in the Client Lounge, but got told to re-post here since it's not currently a feature. :) Anyway, the idea stems from having my community license inactive for a while. The suggestion would be to allow administrators to force a recheck of all members (batch-processed perhaps for larger boards) against the IPS spam service. I realize this probably is a niche request though. Maybe someone else has a less-niche idea to attach to this idea? :) Zack
  13. Securiry: using auto update by GIT.

    He's talking about updating easier, not necessarily auto-updating.
  14. features i would like to see

    Not to mention @Ticket System, I think there's a 3rd party app on the Marketplace that does it? edit: Although, it appears it hasn't been updated recently, likely because of IP.Nexus. http://community.inv...ets-system-100/ edit 2:
  15. Only explanation I have is a possible permission oversight (it happens) when your board was originally configured. Although, out-of-box I do believe things are secured (meaning html posting is disabled for all groups). Personally, I just pretty much setup the "Validating" group to guest permissions and restrict them from posting.