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  1. PM Archiving in Bulk? No a feature; How to?

    I would also love to have this feature returned in some fashion.
  2. Remove the avatars from the IP.Chat!

    I agree they should be optional if not removed.. their vertical height reduces the amount of text visible at any given time and most of my users find them annoying.
  3. The one item which was removed in 3.0 that all my members really want back is the ability to backup selected or all of their private conversations. It has been a struggle for some who do business and have to back them up one at a time to an email. Is this something that is in the works or is it not possible? ( I've been looking through the forum and can't find a proper solution. If anyone knows of one that already exists, please point me in that direction. )
  4. Cheap desktops for testing?

    I have one of these set up as my development server with a ubuntu 10 Server 64bit LAMP stack. it works GREAT.
  5. Good FTP client for windows?

    Filezilla is my personal favorite.
  6. The ability to gift a purchase to another user

    would also make it easier to convert from another shop to nexus ( gift memberships to all existing members :) ) +1
  7. Nexus automatic group inclusion

    yes, it works pretty well. If that product has an expiration date, you can also set it to revert to the previous upon expiration if the product is not renewed.
  8. Fatal Error when applying coupon to purchase

    ahhh crap. thought I was IN the tech forum when I posted this :(
  9. just upgraded to 1.2 and coupons are not working. I get the following error when trying to apply a 100% off coupon to a purchase Fatal error: Call to undefined method public_nexus_payments_pay::save() in .../forum/admin/applications_addon/ips/nexus/modules_public/payments/pay.php on line 1100 I have been able to repeat this several times with the exact same output. when checking the adminCP, the order looks like it completed and the coupon was applied, but the customer are left with an error screen. I tested with no coupon and a paypal payment and it seems to work ok.
  10. Multiple chat instances?

    thanks..can't wait to see the multiple room added to chat then :).
  11. Multiple chat instances?

    I really need an answer to this. If I can run multiple chat rooms, I'll be purchasing at least two more immediately.
  12. Multiple chat instances?

    is it possible to run multiple chat rooms, even if I have to purchase them? I have one already setup, but it is requested that I have a private one for certain groups to use.
  13. custom package action.php demo/docs?

    Are there any docs which identify all the data sent to and from the nexus api which can be consumed using the custom actions tool? this doc provides the basics, but no info on how the data is constructed. any assistance or direction would be helpful. ( my intent is to write an action for onPaid to run some custom php I am trying to convert from an old shop system I had )
  14. forum completely dead

    this morning, my forum started flagging HTTP 500 errors whenever the forum was accessed. I checked the error logs and all I get is this "Premature end of script headers: index.php" does anyone have any ideas what this might be? I've been running 3.0.4 for about 2 weeks without any trouble.
  15. ipboard on grid - style hosts?

    sorry about that....edited as you suggested.