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  1. paypal payment gateway difficult

    thanks man.. was in same boat, but you made is 100 times easier
  2. Pls bring back custom RSS feeds

    any new son this... need this too!!!
  3. IP.Board 3.3.x, 3.4.x Security Update

    any reason why i cannot download patch? 
  4. Security Patch - Sep 2013 files

    i am at 3.4.3 and I cannot upgrade yet... will the patch still work?
  5. [HQ] Google CSE -pro-

    works great, can we have longer listings instead of 4 results per page?
  6. Multiple Nexus with one Paypal

    I get the following error "PayPal failed to return any data" Is that due to openssl? I do have warnings for openssl on the check requirements screen.
  7. Multiple Nexus with one Paypal

    Does Nexus use IPN with paypal? I wish to buy about 5 Nexus Licences but all payments go to one Paypal account. Will this work ok?
  8. PM search

    Pm search feature.. i have 1000,s and would be great to search for things ineatd of trawling.