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  1.   that plugin doesn't really solve the issue for me as when you 'promote' the 'article' both the 'article' and  the 'comments'  author are posted/changed to the admin of the site  which is quite a big issue imo invison should really bring it back as it used to be and which was discussed by matt!      
  2. another major drawback that I found with the current version  is that after submitting the support request,  members then have to enter an full mail address before the support request is posted  
  3. Recently Browsing is not really...

    but.... as above posts report ... it doesn't work, in fact i found out that rather than inform members how active your forum is it does the opposite - it gives a false reading that your site is less active than it actually is i gave it a test and switched off after a few days after seeing how poor it was  
  4.   its something that members used to use a lot in sales types forums and they have asked for its return given @Matt comments back in June I did say that it will be returning is it returning?        
  5. Editor still blows chunks for quoting

      yep it could be more obvious, but its there..    i just found by posting the image above the improved image editing options  - again guess could be more obvious as well
  6. Editor still blows chunks for quoting

      just follow the tooltip that shows when you hover over the quote box 'hold ctrl and right click for more options' you can then delete the box   eg  
  7. if people want to see a profile can't they just click on the post and then the profile link there I'd suggest rather than add more profile links instead just take all the profile links off all the lists including those distracting hover boxes why have 100s of unneeded links just in case someone may want to visit a profile now and again profile links just on the post page ? yep go for faster, cleaner and more logical layouts     
  8. IP.Chat - history chat

    out of idle interest what does this option do ?Show chat history upon joining a roomnever used it myself but sounds like maybe what the member above is after ? 
  9. IPS 4 Gallery - Needs Work

    #6 - the album issue  any eta yet ?
  10. Gallery - moderation issues

    moving images way is oneit seems the only way to move members images from a category to an album is for the admin to take the ownership of members albumsand of course as you can not currently limit categories to albums only then this is needed quite a bit     
  11. just a revisit post to ask is it still on the list @Matt
  12.  been trying to moderate gallery images it is a really poor moderation system  
  13. same herevery annoying 
  14. hopefully not too long now?
  15. Can VNC please save the filtered forum list

    yep, something is needed imo as over time have found that members get used to hitting new content and are just not aware of new or changed forumsplus an option for the admin to reset  all members vnc filter choices would be welcome, - so if you do have major changes to the forums then can make the vnc people aware of them