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  1. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    Honestly, the best thing about the plugin is that is puts the words "preview post" on the screen and does something when it's clicked. As a board administrator, this will save me a ton of grief. Dealing with dozens of complaints about "missing features" takes time I'd rather spend doing something else. It doesn't matter to me that it is theoretically unnecessary. We've spent over a decade training our members to click "preview" before posting, and thanks to @eden buganim's excellent plugin, I don't have to untrain them :). 
  2. Let's vote for Post Preview feature

    We installed that Marketplace plugin and it works perfectly: users can immediately see when their emoticons/videos/images etc. are not being parsed correctly and fix them
  3. Preview Post Button

    Excellent plugin, thank you for developing this, it works as expected.
  4. (DP41) Collapsed Stream

    Thanks, DawPi, for developing this for us! We've got it installed at our test board and it works perfectly. 
  5. DawPi developed a plugin for us to set this up. It's in the Marketplace now.
  6. "also tagged with" feature is missing?

    No: it's the "Similar Content" widget. 
  7. Automatic Upgrader Failing

    Under what circumstances does it fail? Are there permissions or settings we can/should change to make sure it works?
  8. Activity Streams - Custom public streams

    @rob275, check out ACP->System->Streams->Create New, I think it does what you are looking for.
  9. I get Invision's argument here: the correct solution is to fix the embedding, not to change the member's post. 
  10. In my experience, we'd need some <blink> tags and maybe a big animated arrow with a cute cat photo in it. I am not convinced that adding more visual clutter to the screen is going to help.
  11. This isn't entirely true: because Invision implemented this feature by hardcoding expanded as the default, and only check for a cookie to see if they should collapse it, it's not as simple as you'd hope to make condensed the default. In an ideal world I think this would actually be a per-stream default setting that members could set when creating the stream, but that will require storing the default info in the DB, which they don't do right now. By storing it in the DB, users who access our site from a public computer lab/internet cafe/etc. or who clear their cookies after every session would still have their default preferences honored, too, which would be an added bonus.
  12. New stream suggestion: posts by new members

    Yes, good point, I do have such a group, so that would also work.
  13. This one would be of great use to my moderation team: it would be awesome if in addition to being able to filter the stream down to a specific set of members, if instead it could be "members who joined in last N days", "members who have fewer than N posts", that sort of thing. It would be great to be able to see what newcomers are doing so we can offer them help more efficiently.
  14. Ultimately I think the more flexibility we can add to the creation of custom streams the happier everyone is going to be with them. Board owners can set things up however they want, and their members can re-customize to suit their needs. I love that members can actually replace the default stream, including the link in the upper right.