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  1. My 4.0 IP.Content Wishlist

    I am still hoping for database records within records. Easiest example I can give is a Music CD. The database record for a Music CD will have things like.... Name of CD Band Year Released Number of Tracks But then it would be nice to build a track database from within that record, listing..... Song Name Duration Rating Written by
  2. I am looking to take the next step with my community, and start selling physical items. I would guess that I will have somewhere in the ballpark of 5000 unique items to sell. At first I was just going to use IP Content to create a database that contained all my products and then assign generic Paypal code to each item for purchasing. However the simple Paypal button code will not allow me to prevent overselling. If I want to prevent selling an item that is out of stock, then I need to log into the Paypal website and generate an encrypted button to track stock. Now with 5000 items, that is just not a task I want to take on. I am not familiar enough with the API calls for Paypal to generate on the fly buy it now buttons. Plus running a sale (ex 25%) looks to be even more work when using these buttons. My other concern is organization. With 5000 items, I will need to have some way to know where product is when it is sold. Again with IP Content I was going to have a hidden field in the Database that only I could see....that would tell me where that product is stored. It would just be a text field like "Box 1". Can Nexus do something along these lines? I wouldn't mind also letting my members sell items through my marketplace. I assume that I can allow them to set up stores? Can I charge them a flat store rate for each month? Or can I only do a percentage of the final sale price? With 5000 products, I am looking to keep things tidy. Can I allow IP Gallery to handle the images and use them from within Nexus? Last question, I remember there was a product or mod that allowed people to donate and be automatically moved into a new member group.....and after a set time....they would move back to their old group. Does IP Nexus now handle that as well?
  3. Not sure why it is this way, but I do not allow my members to add such I also do not want them to have the ability to change the category of existing records. But when we hide the category field, the system says a category must be specified. Anyways, it would be nice to have more control over what my users can and can't change in my databases. Edit: Or maybe just have a new permission named "Move Records" and allow us to pick and choose who can move records....just like we can choose who can add/delete and edit records.
  4. A few months ago I mentioned how nice it would be to control fields with group permissions. I really don't care for using the AdminCP to edit database records in IP.Content. I believe there is some mod that Marcher made that can accomplish this, but I came across a new need with fields..... The ability to control fields with other fields! Let me explain, I am creating a magazine database that covers gaming magazines from the early 1980's.....all the way up to the preset. Some of these magazines are still being published.....therefore I would like to have a field called "Subscribe" that links to where you can subscribe to a particular publication. The issue is that out of 200+ categories of magazines, only around 15 of them still take subscriptions. However, IPContent does not allow me to really control which fields are presented for a particular category. So what I would like to do is create another field called "Active" that would be attached to all 10,000 records and would contain a simple "YES" or "NO" inside of each record. If a user is viewing a magazine record that is still active, then when they go to edit that particular record....they would have the option to fill in the "Subscribe" information......if the Active field is set to NO.....then when they edit the record.....they would not be able to enter data for the Subscribe field. So all in all, it would be nice to control field editing with usergroups and also with other fields (or categories). :smile:
  5. Dedicated IP.C Database Image upload field

    I found a work around for my situation. I am creating a custom database field that is just a plain text field that has up to 6 characters, then I will use the image number and parse that back into the HTML code in my Database Display Template to display the corresponding thumbnail and full size image. <A HREF="{FIELD_23}&file=max"><IMG SRC="{FIELD_23}&file=medium" height="320"></A> This way I have a bandwidth saving thumbnail that is displayed, but it also links to a full size version of the image. Plus any of my members can pull the image number out of the URL in the Gallery, and use matter who actually shared the image originally.
  6. Connected Databases in IPContent?

    Exactly! That is another great example. I was under the assumption that the current relationship field was to link a field to a multitude of options in another database. Example, with my video game database, I may have to link the "developer" and "publisher" fields to a company database that contains 1000+ companies that have developed/published games in the past 30+ years. This would be way too much to have a drop down menu, plus users will accidentally add duplicates entries and add misspellings.
  7. Connected Databases in IPContent?

    I have three custom databases in IPContent, and I want to have them linked to each other so that when a record is called, if there is a related record in another database, that information is also displayed. Might be easier to explain with a example.... Databases Games Magazines Review Scores The general idea is that when you are viewing the Games or Magazines database, that the Review Scores database would also be referenced. This is because the database Review Scores applies to both of the other two databases. A record in the Magazine database may have 15 different video game review scores associated with it, likewise a record in the Games database may also have 5-10 review scores associated with it. I am hoping to get the ability to take a review score and tie it to a specific record in both the Magazines and Games databases. Any plans for functionality like this in the future releases of IPContent?
  8. Dedicated IP.C Database Image upload field

    I can understand that, but the Gallery should be the one central location that all my members upload images to, and then we all should be able to use those images around the website. After one of the last IPGallery upgrades, I noticed that the real URLs for the IPGallery images are hidden. Is there a way to undo this feature? At least if I could see the real location of my IPGallery files, I could then just allow the cutting and pasting of those URL's into my custom databases for displaying images. With the following type URL's, it seems more difficult to accomplish this and provide instructions to my members on how to reference IPGallery content in the IPContent databases. Or maybe one of the new field types for IPContent could read that type of URL and output the image appropriately? I have somewhere around 50,000 images that are about to go into my IPGallery, and then are going to be referenced in IPContent databases, it would be very disappointing if I had to have multiple copies of the same image.
  9. Dedicated IP.C Database Image upload field

    Is there a particular reason why the Shared Media functionality only extends to what that particular member has uploaded? If an image is in a public category, it should be available to use by all members. I can see if the image was uploaded to a private album, but if it is a public album, or gallery category, it should be accessible.
  10. More control of Url structure for records.

    I second this! I am trying to do a video game database and my urls are going to look something like.... is a mouthful! It would be nice to omit the category....or have better control over how the categories show in the url.
  11. Any chance that in the future we will be able to import into custom databases in IPContent? At the moment I have two databases that I need to flush out with content and each one is around 10,000-15,000 records each. I am weighing my options at the moment as to the best way to accomplish this....while retaining all of my hair. Much of this is over my head at the moment, and the easiest way I see to accomplish this task is to do the following. 1) Write an AutoIt or AutoHotkey script to add records. Basically it would click the location on the screen where the "Add Record" button appears, and then click in the name field and enter "1" then click submit and auto increment the number it would use next. At 10 seconds a record it would take around 27 hours to add 30,000 generic records. 2) Log into PHPMyAdmin, find the "ibf_ccs_custom_database_x" that those records were entered into and export that section of my database to CSV format. 3) Open up the exported CSV database file, and then open up the CSV file that I am storing all of this data in currently. Move the relevant fields from one CSV to the other......while leaving the system generated fields alone. 4) Import the newly combined CSV file back in place with PHPMyAdmin I dunno, it just seems like a lot of hoops to jump through to accomplish a goal. It would be nice if IPContent had an import tool like how the gallery can mass import images. Just instead of images, you would import CSV files at X per cycle.
  12. I was looking at the IP Content custom database, and it looks like it is a really powerful tool. But I was looking at ways to control which fields my end users can and cant edit. It looks to me that I can only set permissions on the database and then make the fields available to the end users....or keep them as a back end edit only. I was hoping that I could give my most trusted member groups the ability to edit 90% of the database fields, have all my members be able to edit 50% of the fields, and only the Administrators have access to 100% of the fields.
  13. Classifieds

    I am running it also :)
  14. One of my members just brought to my attention that ever since I upgraded to the latest version of IP Gallery.....that now all the Categories and Images within....are now sorted by date (or category #). They all were set to sort by caption in ascending order. Now It looks as though I will need to go through 174 categories and manually change this back. Please create built in tools that can perform mass edits! I just got done doing something similar for the IP Download Manager. I went through 113 categories to "enable HTML". This is really a pain in the butt, and just takes away from more pressing issues. I should be in the forum replying to topics and starting new discussions.....not stuck in the back end for 5 hours manually editing tons of categories or settings.
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