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  1. I am looking to take the next step with my community, and start selling physical items. I would guess that I will have somewhere in the ballpark of 5000 unique items to sell. At first I was just going to use IP Content to create a database that contained all my products and then assign generic Paypal code to each item for purchasing. However the simple Paypal button code will not allow me to prevent overselling. If I want to prevent selling an item that is out of stock, then I need to log into the Paypal website and generate an encrypted button to track stock. Now with 5000 items, that is just not a task I want to take on. I am not familiar enough with the API calls for Paypal to generate on the fly buy it now buttons. Plus running a sale (ex 25%) looks to be even more work when using these buttons. My other concern is organization. With 5000 items, I will need to have some way to know where product is when it is sold. Again with IP Content I was going to have a hidden field in the Database that only I could see....that would tell me where that product is stored. It would just be a text field like "Box 1". Can Nexus do something along these lines? I wouldn't mind also letting my members sell items through my marketplace. I assume that I can allow them to set up stores? Can I charge them a flat store rate for each month? Or can I only do a percentage of the final sale price? With 5000 products, I am looking to keep things tidy. Can I allow IP Gallery to handle the images and use them from within Nexus? Last question, I remember there was a product or mod that allowed people to donate and be automatically moved into a new member group.....and after a set time....they would move back to their old group. Does IP Nexus now handle that as well?
  2. Classifieds

    I am running it also :)
  3. Gran Turismo 5 XL (PS3) - On Sale for $15.99 with free shipping! -

  4. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

    Is there any way that we can add VigLink to the RSS feed generator?
  5. I remember reading something about how you will no longer need to have the "core" forums to run the add-on products. If the Blog, Download Manager and Gallery no longer require the forum files. Does this mean we could move those products to subdomains? As of right now my site is set up like this...... <-----IP Content Root <-------IP Board <--------IP Gallery <--------IP Blogs <--------IP Downloads What I am thinking about is...... <-----IP Content Root <-------IP Board <--------IP Gallery <--------IP Blogs <--------IP Downloads Would this be possible with the direction that the new licenses are going?
  6. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: VigLink

    I like VigLink, kind of suprised to hear about it from you guys. Is there any plans to check for AdBlocker and request certain usergroups from browsing the community while its turned on. I can see allowing my members to use Adblock, but just the occasional leech.....maybe even prevent Adblock from being used in certain sections of the website? Example, prevent guests from using Adblock in the Download Manager or Gallery.
  7. Allow Transfers of Inactive Licenses

    Its all good now Mark. Unfortunately the site I ran for 5 years and gave away 2 years ago.....found its way back to me. But it found its way back with an expiring domain, expiring hosting and expired licenses. So it was a rush to get everything situated before everything went dead. Thanks again! -Robert
  8. I am really annoyed and irritated at how the license system has changed since 2010. Back then all I needed to do was pull my info out of the license, and change the email and password. Fast forward to the present, and there is the "TRANSFER" button. Well that is all fine and dandy, but what if the person transfering the license has not paid it current? Oh well then the button is not there! So now you think, Ok well I will just put a support ticket in. Well that gets you no where fast, as they tell you to use the transfer button. So you explain that their system doesn't work that way, and that an expired license, is Non transferable. Then they escalate it......and you wait.....and wait....and finally give up! So now I am going to have to transfer funds via Paypal, and pay extra. Just so that he can come to the website, renew the license......and then click transfer. I had an easier time transfering the domain than I have with getting anything done over here. Its really fustrating that the system you have in place right now, can't move a license unless it was paid for. At least let the initial move happen, and if its not paid current in 48 hours, automatically move it back to the original owner.
  9. Suggestion: Calendar Anniversaries

    I would like to bring this back up again and elaborate on it. Now on my forum I am looking to use the calendar as a recurring timeline that will stir feelings of nostalgia. I am entering important dates in video game history and setting them to recur each year. What's annoying is that by default, the side hook disables showing recurring events. I want them to show, so that members visiting my board can see "what past gaming events happened on this date". So what I am proposing is an "Anniversary" option that would do the following.... Show how many years (just like birthdays show how old a person is) Have no end date (I have been setting all my events to end in 2999) Show up on the forum side hooks (to act as a conversation starter) Now I know many people may be thinking that this is something that is limited, but really any forum can use this anniversary feature.... Run a car forum - you could have anniversaries of the first Camaro or Mustang showing up Run a history forum - you could have anniversaries of important battles showing up The thing is that I feel like Events are things like "remember to balance the check book" or "take out the trash". The event system is great for these types of events where you need a recurring reminder, but I am looking for something that will create conversations and provide an edge over other communities. Just a suggestion Check here for my Calendar
  10. I have a video game forum, and in the 5 years I have been running a IPB forum.....I have never really used the calendar. I just had an idea for the calendar though.....What if I used it to mark anniversaries of video game events. Example The Nintendo Entertainment System was released on October 18, 1985. What if I could enter that date into the calendar, and every October 18th it would say at the bottom of my forums..... Today is the anniversary of the "Nintendo Entertainment System" (25) I could then just enter in 200-500 important dates into my calendar, and every day my members would see the anniversary of important dates in video game history.
  11. If I can donate $10, everyone can :)

  12. taps on glass, please let me download IPB....I paid....I swear!

  13. Time between buying and downloading?

    I was only gone for 3 days, but it feels like an eternity. I thought, oh lets try PHPBB and install a SEO and Sitemap mod. Was a freaking nightmare.....why should I go through all those hoops to get something that is built into Invision Power Boards by default? Plus I will get back Facebook connect, Twitter connect, status updates, social bookmarks, a shoutbox, a links program, a subscription program, a bug tracker, a mass emailer that I can throttle, a notification system and a this wonderful community. I am back......well once I get my payment approved ;)
  14. Time between buying and downloading?

    So I am worried that now I wont be approved until Tuesday
  15. I transfered my old license/website to a friend, and now after starting up a new website and deciding I hate PHPBB......I bought a new IPB license. My question is, does the purchasing auto approve (Paypal).....or will I not be approved until tomorrow when the offices open back up? Do I have permission to use the install files from my old license? Or are they encoded somehow to that old account? Just anxious to get back to using Invision! Sorry I ever tried to leave