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  1. Is this at all possible!

    Thanks for your reply. Hmm, that would be a bit rubbish if I had to activate all my addons just to move them to another account :sad: Happliy re-activate IP.Board on account 2 to transfer if I can move across the add-ons to account 1 though :)
  2. Is this at all possible!

    Account 1 - Has one active IP.Board licence with an active site Account 2 - Has an expired IP.Board, IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Content licence. I want to transfer just an IP.Board licence to someone else, yet keep my active site with IP.Board. Are any of the below options possible? Transfer IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Content from account 2 to account 1, leaving just the IP.Board licence or Transfer the licence key etc from account 1 to account 2, so I can continue using IP.Board but without having to uninstall from account 1 and reupload files from account 2. Really hope there is a solution! Dave
  3. Is the main site down or is it me

    Have to disagree with that. First problem ive had with them in 6 years. I have fast broadband and great TV - all for a low monthy cost.
  4. Do IPB verify purchases over the weekend?

    Got it approved at 5am!
  5. Do IPB verify purchases over the weekend?

    Does that mean im a dodgy customer?! Mark, you able to press the magic verify button?!
  6. Is the main site down or is it me

    I bet your a Virgin Media customer!? Its down for me as well, along with many other sites. Virgin media reckon it will be sorted by 9am tomorrow. https://my.virginmedia.com/service-status/ (Im currently accessing the site via a proxy)
  7. Do IPB verify purchases over the weekend?

    So frustrating! Im back to work tomorrow and was looking forward to cracking on with my website last night and today. Fingers crossed someone will be on soon that might be able to hit the magic "verify" button!
  8. Do IPB verify purchases over the weekend?

    Thanks for the replies. Seems a bit crazy that pre-existing members who have purchased in the past have to have their renewals approved!
  9. Just went and updated my IPB Licence, but have to wait for it to be verified. Just wondering whether IPB do this over the weekend or whether it will be a case of waiting until Monday.
  10. Upgrade question

    Im looking to upgrade my current 3.1 forum to 3.2. Im running Gallery/Content add-ons. Do I need to upgrade all 3 at the same time, or could I just upgrade the board and gallery? Had to post in pre-sales, as licence expired so need to establish what I need to upgrade!
  11. Live sites?

    Dont know about nexus, but IP.Content and IP.Gallery are in use here :)
  12. I was about to pay

    Probably the quickest bug fix ever known! (w00t)
  13. 35 or so Pre-Sales Questions

    http://www.devfuse.com/products/54-calendar-topics/ $9.95 and worth every penny. My community also relies heavily upon the calendar and this mod was a godsend!
  14. Android is not better than iPhone

    Had my HTC Desire for 6 months and wouldnt go near an iphone :)
  15. Do I win for the November free skin!