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  1. Does exist an "add to favorite" addon ? I mean a module similar to bookmark function in admin IPboard interface... So the user can remenber topics they like... thanks Tim
  2. IP Nexus shop

    hi, I would like to create a shop where members of my community could sell their own products (books). They have to put online products / price by herselves, via an admin panel. They'll be only one paiement gateway (ours). Does IP Nexus can do that ? Thanks
  3. questions about using IP.Blog

    I had the same problem ! Answer : query in the database with blog's name, you can find the setting. Something like that : a:19:{s:8:"viewmode";s:4:"list";s:8:"allowrss";i:1;s:14:"allowtrackback";i:0;s:13:"trackcomments";i:0;s:14:"entriesperpage";s:2:"10";s:15:"commentsperpage";s:2:"20";s:18:"allowguestcomments";i:1;s:13:"defaultstatus";s:5:"draft";s:9:"eopt_mode";s:4:"show";s:9:"hidedraft";i:0;s:14:"blockslocation";s:5:"right";s:13:"rssfeedburner";s:0:"";s:16:"disable_comments";i:0;s:11:"approvemode";s:4:"none";s:14:"limitentrysize";i:0;s:18:"approve_trackbacks";i:0;s:5:"pings";a:0:{}s:13:"enable_xmlrpc";i:0;s:7:"editors";a:0:{}} Change "hidedraft" in "draft" : it works !! Could be easier to do it in the user CP, but I didn't find it.