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  1. I was getting bombed by lots of ridiculous sounding new members a couple of months ago. It stopped dead as soon as I removed the existing Question and Answer Challenge entries and put some new ones in. Make them something specific to your site theme - something that your potential members are likely to know.
  2. Suggestion - Profile Permissions

    Thanks to Rimi for the mod, but in addition to CallieJo's ideas - Guests/Everyone - Members Only - Just Friends.
  3. Suggestion - Profile Permissions

    Deja Vu! The same advocates and the same opponent! For what it's worth I still think that profile permissions would be a good idea. I don't see how the above forums topics scenareo might apply. Shall we meet up again in 14 months? :)
  4. Youtube media tag

    This is how I did it - Admin/Look & Feel -> Bad Word Filter -> Add New Filter. Beforehttp://youtu.be/ After http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=
  5. Youtube media tag

    A good way to fix this is to put the first part of the more recent style share link into the swear filter - to be replaced by the old one. It works well. :)
  6. Suggestion - Profile Permissions

    How easy would it be to do this at the most simple level though? Member has profile set to public or members only. A tinyint in an ocean of blobs. :)
  7. At the simplest level, it would be a nice feature if community members could have the ability (if admins allowed) to have their profiles viewable by guests or not. It started with a few members complaining that the world could see their profile pictures or other stuff that they'd put on, then a few more chipped in to say that they'd customize theirs a bit more if only members had access. As a result of that we ended up turning off profile view for guests - where other members didn't mind, or actually wanted their profiles visible to everyone. I suppose that making it a bit more complex like 'only allow friends' or choosing which bits to show would be a bigger ask, but stuff like that might be a bit more 'community orientated'.
  8. Archive posts?

    I'm really glad to hear that. It's something that's crossed my mind a few times.
  9. Embed Tweets

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