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  1. IP.Board 3 HTTPS Admin Area

    Thank you very much for this piece of code Joriz.
  2. About the tags in IP.Content

    Hum... Yes when I say "at the same time", I mean "immediately after the 3.2 release". But may be some IP.Content minor releases are planned before the major release ? In this case, the tags aren't for tomorrow... .
  3. About the tags in IP.Content

    Hello, In the next IP.Board release, I read there will be a tag system. It's very nice. But I'd like to know if this tag system will be implemented at the same time in IP.content. Because I want to create a new website and I need tags for this project.
  4. Hello, I'm testing the new 3.2 version, it's a very good job, very clean, with a nice editor. And I'm not generous with compliments. The window to login is nice but there is a problem : Firefox doesn't automaticaly complete the form. I have to search in the tools to find my password (11 caractères). I'm sure that can be improved. Nice job anyway. We can switch to one editing mode to an other in one click, it's very usefull.
  5. Hello, We need to choose if we want to display or not a record. IP.Content needs an "online/hidden" option, to allow us to choose if we want to display or not a record. For instance, sometime, we have to hide one, the time to edit it. Currently we can't, so we have to delete it and to post it again later.
  6. Hello, The search form simply doesn't search, it's useless, but the one in the admin with ajax is interresting. That would be better to use it on the board/IP.content etc...
  7. IP.Content needs improvement about comments

  8. Suggestion - adding more article images

    I never understood what's the purpose of "articles", I use the database, then if you want to display more pictures, you add as much upload-field as you need and you create your own template and then you can sleep peacefully until the death comes and says to you "what a useless life you had".
  9. IP.Content needs improvement about comments

    Also, yes. :)
  10. Hello, It's still the same problem with IP.Content. We need to use the forum if we want to edit and delete our comments on IP.Content. It's a bad system. I don't want to use the forum, I have thousand records and I want a REAL GOOD form comments, with all options. And I want to see the comments on the member page.
  11. Display a particular RSS feed on one particular record

    Hello :), I don't really need that currently, it's more like a suggestion. That could be usefull. And why not more than only one feed ? For exemple I have a record about white house, I can display some feeds from website entirely dedicated to the white house. It's a great plus-value for the visitors.
  12. Hello, On dotclear there is an interresting option. On one page/record, we can display an external feed, only on one page in particular.
  13. In the next IP.Content release, there is a tag system !

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    2. Marcher Technologies

      Fact, or speculation? Thought that was gonna be a bit after 3.2 side-release, via comments on the blog.

    3. Gros Blaireau

      Prédire l'avenir, c'est le créer... :-)

  14. IP.Content really needs a tag system

    Hello, Wordpress, dotclear use a tag system, IP.Content needs one in emergency. There is one on the next IP.Board release, I hope the same improvement for IP.Content, very soon, for exemple this evening. Thank you.
  15. Connect a database category with a particular forum

    In fact it's already possible. What a wast of time...