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  1. [Idea] Group icons

    Do tell please - or are you selling the method?
  2. [Idea] Group icons

    In 3.4.x (and previous versions) I was able to make Group Icons specific to the skin I was using by putting this in the field:public/style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/team_icons/nameoficon.pngI had a number of skins and found this really useful.  I would imagine it would be useful to those who produce themes for the suite as well.Is there a way of doing this in 4.0.x or could you make it so please?
  3. and there's a fix in the knowledge base if you can't wait.
  4. Awww. So many bugs in IPS...

    It does for me - strange
  5. IPBPro Arcade help for install

    The version on their site is now 4.4:http://ibparcade.com/index.php?/files/file/2-ibproarcade/
  6. IPBPro Arcade help for install

    Their site was recently restarted so I'd wait for them to get the official downloads ready:http://ibparcade.com/index.php?/files/category/1-ibproarcade-for-ipb3/My version was 4.3.2c1 and doesn't have that file just three directories:adminarcadeinstructionsYou'd upload admin and arcade to your forum root and follow the instructions in the instructions folder
  7. I just wonder if any of those reporting a bug have clicked the Support link in their ACP.  I just discovered it and clicked it LOL.  It fixed 12 errors in my database, emptied my cache, and made a copy of the default skin ALL automatically.  It fixed a few things I was fretting over and I hadn't even noticed its existence before
  8. Thanks for spotting this.  I hadn't even realized that guests could do anything by default.
  9. Shirley we'll have a release soon?

    ​I wasn't complaining LOL.  Just wondering if people could see different to me because I've seen a few posts that say bugs are sparse or similar.
  10. Shirley we'll have a release soon?

    ​I'm confused (not hard). Is everyone looking at a different thing to me?  When I filter by "Pending" I still get 5 pages which doesn't seem any more sparse than two weeks ago LOL
  11. I have the same in my bug tracker although their are 5 posts in the sub project there's none showing in the Category:
  12. When it's ready TMFinal answer
  13. Selection and delete mass for emoticons

    I was sure I read somewhere that this was to be addressed in this version - I must have dreamed it