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  1. wtf.jpg

    Just a test.
  2. ipsBox removed ?

    Glad to see I'm not alone!
  3. ipsBox removed ?

    The smallest things make the most horrible changes, I mean, by removing it (or setting to 0). Anyway, world won't over... I can do this via custom.css.
  4. ipsBox removed ?

    It's there, with border 0, so it doesn't appear. Changed to 1px on custom.css and I go this: Instead of this (argh):
  5. State of apps from the marketplace in 4

    It can be everything: the resource, your host, version of something, etc. That's why I'm telling you to search for support or post the errors.
  6. State of apps from the marketplace in 4

    This topic has absolutely no sense, sorry. If you have any problem with resource, you need to search for support. You won't get nothing here.
  7. Versions

    Very useful app.
  8. Recent Topics

    Version 4.0.0


    This widget will show, wherever you want (except on sidebar), a box with the last topics/posts made on your forum that the user who is viewing has permission to view. The list is AJAXED updated in a number of seconds seconds set by admin on the widget settings. To notify you about new topics/posts on forums, the widget uses an effect that will pulsate the list only if some new topic or new post is made. Widget settings: Number of topics to show The interval (in seconds) for the list auto update (ajax) Number of content items a user must have before he can view the block Exclude forums from the list Topic statuses (open, locked, pinned, not pinned, feature, not featured, visiable and hidden) Goups allowed to see the list. Compatibility: IPS Community 4.0 IPS Community 4.1: although it is 100% functional on IPS 4.1, it will require a tiny template edit on templates. I will release a new version as soon as IPS 4.1 is released. See how it works: Previous versions: For IP.Board 3.4.X, 3.3.X & 3.2.X:


  9. PM Viewer

    Version 1.0.2


    This application will allow administrators to read conversations on Admin CP. If admins has a special permission, they will also be able to VIEW hidden conversations, EDIT, HIDE/UNHIDE conversations (from appearing on PM Viewer application) and INVITE/REMOVE MEMBERS from conversations. Conversations can also be tracked by filtering keywords. If a specific keyword added by an admin is used on Conversation, users from selected group will receive a notification with a link to the conversation on PM Viewer application. Admins can also use tools to HIDE or UNHIDE all conversations with one click. Settings: Number of conversations per page Protected groups: If a member from a selected group is involved in a conversation, then this conversation will be not viewable in the PM Viewer application regardless of who else is involved. Special Groups: Members from selected groups will be able to: Hide and Unhide conversations, View hidden conversations, Invite and Remove members from conversations and Edit message post content Enable keyword monitoring Keywords to monitor Notification Groups: Members from selected groups will be notified when someone sends a private message that contaims a monitored keyword. Tools: Hide All Conversations Unhide All Conversations Compatibility: IPS Community 4.1.X IPS Community 4.0.X   Comming soon: Ability to view deleted messages Upgrade to get all the data from this app for IP.Board 3.X Note: This application was made by request and sponsored by a few users and was made based on PM Viewer for IP.Board 3.X from signet51.


  10. He is a user on my board. I'll make sure he's aware of this.
  11. Pages: Promote to Article

    Ok, got to go now. I'll update it tomorrow in the morning.
  12. Pages: Promote to Article

    No. There's no place where I can do that. It has to be an admin option. It probably there's a way, but I'll release it as it is now. I'll come back again after a few days to review it.
  13. Pages: Promote to Article

    Added new setting: Leave link to article. Still missing one settting: keep the post author as the article submitter. I'll do it.
  14. Pages: Promote to Article

    Sure. If a cat hasn't it enabled, it won't do anything.
  15. Pages: Promote to Article

    I see. Don't promise it so soon.