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  1. Pages: Promote to Article

    Ok, got to go now. I'll update it tomorrow in the morning.
  2. Pages: Promote to Article

    No. There's no place where I can do that. It has to be an admin option. It probably there's a way, but I'll release it as it is now. I'll come back again after a few days to review it.
  3. Pages: Promote to Article

    Added new setting: Leave link to article. Still missing one settting: keep the post author as the article submitter. I'll do it.
  4. Pages: Promote to Article

    Sure. If a cat hasn't it enabled, it won't do anything.
  5. Pages: Promote to Article

    I see. Don't promise it so soon.
  6. Pages: Promote to Article

    I can tie a forum to a DB, of course. But this kind of thing takes time and will certainly makes the price rise. I can do it for a further version.
  7. Pages: Promote to Article

    This is done and working. I will do another edit then I'll update the file today later or tomorrow in the morning. Price goes to $10.
  8. Pages: Promote to Article

    Not possible. If you change the DB, then you want me to list the categories for the right DB on the + Create popup and it doesn't accept ajax there.
  9. Pages: Promote to Article

    The DB is a setting on ACP, so only admins can change it.
  10. Pages: Promote to Article

    Please, take a look on screenshots! All features it's there.
  11. Pages: Promote to Article

    Put in words it's beautifully simple. Some things can't be hooked because they're 'called' in the middle of a function and not in something hookable. Will give this some thought. But if you're wanting to purchase it, don't do it. I do not guarantee it will work.
  12. Pages: Promote to Article

    I just tried it and it doesn't seem to be possible. To this option takes place, I need to enable the Post topic first. Doing this, when you create the new article based on a post, it will create a new topic and update the database column record_topicid with the new topic ID, and not with the original one. See: Then you enable POST TOPIC to other options appears: Doing that, you already got a new topic when you promote a post to article.
  13. Pages: Promote to Article

    You mean the Use forum for comments ? Let me take a look.
  14. Pages: Promote to Article

    Is there a setting for this on IP.Content 2.3.X ? I thought it would be Allow promoter to associate article but it doesn't post the comment as a topic reply.
  15. Pages: Promote to Article

    Not sure what you mean. All I see is: Is that what you're talking about ?