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  1. Restore the ability to change skin via URL

    +1 on this. Makes the demo field in the Skins category of the Marketplace totally useless. Not only that, but it's now the customers of all us designers have to change the skin when they visit our demo board rather than being taken directly to it.
  2. Forums and Members Link

    Why was the Forums and Members links moved from a link in the primary_nav to be one of the links that is generated by the foreach statement? Now it's a pain if a customer wants the Forums and Members links to be displayed and then the rest of the application links be displayed in a drop menu. Yeah it's possible, but now I have to either use a CSS selector to hide those links from a dropdown or have the customer disable the links via the setting in the ACP.
  3. Why Can't You Guys Keep This Simple?

    Your statement is just like saying the statement below a few years back when facebook was just beginning. "Again, look at Facebook. Same content and arguably better design but MySpace is more popular." Well look now, Facebook is more popular and MySpace is pretty much unheard of anymore.
  4. The IPS Client Resources is annoying

    As a side issue, I don't think the active button should have a hover state of blue.
  5. Hey bro, can u let me purchase the Blue Octane skin?

  6. Is the hide sidebar button cut off for anyone else?

  7. The new user_menu is nice, but I think those links could be arrange in a better fashion to not have all that negative space on the sides.
  8. I just tried with FF4 and IE9 for you guys and it's working.
  9. 3.2.0 - Tagging and Prefixes

    I'm not sure if it is changeable per category, but the "Closed Mode" allows you to set predefined prefixes.
  10. Where is the promised 3.2 blog?!? :)

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    2. Aisha


      Yeah, I remember someone said it in a status update, but it wasn't promised or anything. Still I was looking forward to it. :(

    3. SCS


      Charles said "every M/W/F through end of Feb" on his status update, that's all I've seen (and it doesn't mean forever)

    4. Ryan Ashbrook

      Ryan Ashbrook

      Like SCS said, the only promised blog entries were for February through timed publishing. There are still many more to come, though! Once they are ready, of course.

  11. Is there a reason why when upgrading to Nexus 1.2.0 that the upgrader said it was Alpha 1?

    1. .Ian


      usually goes through each release during the upgrade.

    2. Stars25


      I don't remember every seeing something like this before though when I updated anything.

    3. Michael


      Yeah, it's always done it that way. Each version could have its own specific SQL to run. You probably just didn't notice this before, or the app you upgraded didn't have any alpha/beta versions with SQL queries to execute.

  12. IP.Board 3.2.0: New AdminCP Style

    Definitely looks a lot better than before! Hopefully this look and features is transferred throughout all aspects of 3.2 :)
  13. I think all status updates that ask for support should be deleted like a few hours after they are locked. Because now they are cluttering up statuses that could be useful!

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    2. Stars25


      That's true, but I'm sick of seeing a gazillion of those locked icons!

    3. Collin S.

      Collin S.

      They will eventually weed out, just like locked topics. We don't want people to start posting status updates saying "WHERE ARE MY STATUS UPDATES?!"

    4. Stars25


      Yeah I know they will eventually disappear from the list, but the problem is that is makes statuses that could potentially be full of information or be important to be kicked off the list.