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  1. -RAW- added a file in Utilities and Stats   

    Most Viewed Topics v1.2.0
    This plugin will display most viewed topics from forums selected.
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  2. -RAW- added a post in a topic Board Testing XAMPP VS WAMP   

    i use AMPPS on Mac
  3. -RAW- added a file in Member Extensions   

    Highlight Authors/Usergroups Posts v1.2.2
    This modification highlights Topic author or User groups posts.
    Sponsored by: wmarcy
    Demos: http://www.sedonaconnect.com/ OR http://invisionizer.com/
    Thanks to sijad for some help on this plugin.
    For IP.Board v3.x: https://community.invisionpower.com/contributors/files/4443-highlight-authorsusergroups-posts/
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  4. -RAW- added a file in Fields   

    Pre-defined Topic Fields v1.3.4
    Lets you set up some default text that will be filled in for all new topics in specified forums. You can define the default Topic Title and initial post content. People posting new topics in forums where this is active will be able to alter this text, but it is useful to provide a common template for specific types of topics.
    NOTICE: if you have purchased this plugin for IPBv3.x drop me a pm so i can add you to the file ( Make sure you have an active purchase ).
    FOR IP.Board 3.x: https://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/5383-pre-defined-topic-fields/
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  5. -RAW- added a comment Edit first post infinitely   

    I'm also interested, drop me a pm if still needed.
  6. -RAW- added a comment IP Board Upgrade to 4.0   

    I am also interested if still needed, drop me a pm with more details.
  7. -RAW- added a comment Cleaning Board Software   

    I am interested, drop me a pm with more details.
  8. -RAW- added a comment Updating, cleaning up, checking security issues on IPB 3.4x   

    I'm also interested, drop me a pm for more info.
  9. -RAW- added a post in a topic Favorite Browser?   

    Have tried them all but i always end up switching back to Safari, pages load faster.
  10. -RAW- added a post in a topic Marketplace support topics or attachments load forever?   

    They all got messed up after the upgrade.
  11. -RAW- added a comment PM Viewer for IPS 4   

    I'm interested, pm me with more details.
  12. -RAW- added a comment IPS4 Credits System   

    My iCredits app should be out in a few weeks.
  13. -RAW- added a comment Notify User x Days Before Date   

    I am guessing is from the edit profile right ?
    Also what is your exact budget for this ?
  14. -RAW- added a file in Themes   

    Nelier v1.0.0
    Nice and clean theme for your IPB forum.
    Compatibility with following apps: 
    ForumsCalendarChatNote: Do not contact me to have it skinned for other apps. There is maybe an issue with the lang file but it should be a bug in the script & IPS should have this fixed soon.
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