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  1. Snagit..

    Not sure I'll get any answer to this but here goes. I am testing Snagit by Techsmith. There is no way I can copy or reproduce an image into the forum using google. FF, Safari, I.E are no problem but google is a no go. Has anybody used this and been successful ? strange question I know but just maybe..... 
  2. Where's a good website to find themes?       a wide selection of pre made themes, also themes to order. 
  3. IPS hosting

    Thanks Rhett, I am not aiming for a large membership and this seems ideal. I do have a dormant (although paid) license extra if I need to start another so this seems ideal. I 'll use the weekend to make a list of any questions (if any) One does spring to mind though, as I have mentioned my present domain is on a shared hosting, I take it I have to renew the domain annually ? would that be to the present hosting ? Many thanks..
  4. IPS hosting

    I am thinking of changing to IPB hosting. I have done some searching but although it may be there cannot get the right question/answer. I already have the community suite ie board,blog,gallery chat and really is all I need (does not really matter if others are there). What restrictions would I have placed on an IPB hosted board. Can I still use addons from the market place and add new themes ? Would I still have to pay for 6 month support. I have a domain on a shared hosting, can I transfer that domain (did not purchase it outright) It will be a fresh install so nothing to transfer. What restrictions is important. Thats all I can think of at present. I do not want a " big board" so this seems a 'maybe' better option. I know the sales office opens Monday but would be nice if I could get some info before then to mull over the weekend. Thanks in anticipation 
  5. IP.Board 4.0 Wishlist

    Bit of an unusual request. :smile: Some talented orators to create a video guide for the absolute beginners (potential members) in the basic operations of the IPB board and core applications.
  6. IPB vs Facebook

    For your topic my first impression you have a very impressive forum. My dealings in the past have been with much older and less 'savvy' members. IMO IPB is a first class forum board, but as mentioned above FB and the likes are simplicity itself. I spent a lot of time with "how to" guides, even made videos to help guests and members to understand the the layout, use the message board, gallery (quite complicated to beginners) and the various apps that are available for members. I'm sure that when peeps understand, you become a more attractive alternative to FB. I love sport but because I did not understand the rules of some, I gave them a miss. Cricket was a good example. I took time to understand and now am glued to most TV games. I have an adopted (very large) Mexican family. I know of only one who uses FB for anything else other than family and friends, so although only a small example I am not sure that FB will/or does stop those from joining a well thought out and easily explained forum. I do notice that you have quite a few protected forums, there may be a good reason for that, however personally I would open the help desk, let guests begin to understand how the forum operates and (they may be there) add guides on how to use the forum. Hasta luego :thumbsup:
  7. First spam PM - next steps?

    Same here ! Not sure how it works here but would assume that the spammer must be a registered member to PM members ? Just deleted it but interested in the answer.
  8. Some while back I used another forum layout and imageshack was a mod that could be embedded in the posts. It proved quite popular. Just found this from Imageshack IS Syndicate I see that the IPB version is 2 x so not sure whether it would be any good. I urge my members to join either Photobucket or Imageshack now and just add the image code required. Not ideal I know, but's the best I can think of.
  9. Santuario Novelda

  10. Different Charity please

    I am neither one side or the other for this conversation but out of curiosity just found this link... may be a bit enlightening AUTISM SPEAK
  11. IP.Gallery 5 inspiration

    Top of the list for me.
  12. testing

  13. Resync and recount

    Thank you both for a quick reply :thumbsup: will add bug report
  14. Resync and recount

    Due to an error on my part I lost my old forum. It was not online so no real problems there and decided to download and install IPB 3.3.1 with gallery 4.2.1. Like most others I dislike not being able to set a cover picture with repeating itself as another picture or album. However my problem here is that whether I upload a photo or new album into a global album I have to go into the ACP and resync and recount for the aforesaid to appear (in the portal style) for every photo or album added within the Global section (portal) style. This also happens on subsequent photos or sub albums within the same global album untill I resync and recount. As I cannot see it as a bug report I am wondering if anybody else has experienced this ? (I have the ACP set for the member to use both portal and browse)
  15. Test