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  1. CiDR added a comment on a blog entry 4.0 - Messenger   

    what about IM messenger for conversations? now is 2014 year on the street, users prefer fast messaging, not old style mail.
  2. CiDR added a record in IP.Board   

    Badword filter issue
    The bad words filter works on non-latin language with "exact" method like with "loose" method. Trouble began after upgrade to 3.4.x versions. With latin letters works normally.
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  3. CiDR added a post in a topic Tags and prefix in Topics API   

    I didn't find solution, and I did so $_POST['ipsTags'] = "tag1,tag2,"; $_REQUEST['ipsTags_prefix'] = 1; $this->post->addTopic(); I will thank if somebody help to do it safely
  4. CiDR added a comment on a file Mod Notifications   

    Great mod, will be great to add also notification if moderator edited post or topic
  5. CiDR added a post in a topic Bug on the mobile theme?   

    where to change back the mobile theme to normal?)) can't find