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  1. Sorting Images in IP.Gallery

    Can someone please tell me what the admin options are for sorting album images in IP.Gallery? Can they be sorted alphabetically by filename?
  2. is navigating the dark vaults below ancient Kyrnoth.

  3. Suggestion | Image URL/download Name

    Why can't IP.Gallery just append something to the end of the filenames when there are duplicates like other gallery software does instead of renaming them something completely different? For example: TestImage.jpg TestImage~0.jpg TestImage~1.jpg etc. The file renaming is really the only thing that stops me from purchasing IP.Gallery, as it's not useful for my purposes at all (need images sorted by filename and the ability to edit filenames). :( So I'm stuck using Coppermine Gallery.
  4. First of all, I know IP Gallery renames files--it seems to me that keeping the original filename and adding additional characters woud make more sense (and be more search engine friendly). For example: my_image~01.jpg or something, instead of the post-321324355whatever.jpg filename that IP Gallery comes up with. Anyway, assuming that was achieved, I think it would be useful if albums could be sorted by filename, and if files could be renamed by an admin. For example, I currently use Coppermine Gallery (but would like to convert to IP Gallery), and in my gallery I enforce a strict filename policy--the filenames provide valuable search content, in addition to keeping the gallery organized alphabetically (the images' filenames have dates in them, so they're in chronological order when sorted alphabetically by filename). IP Gallery doesn't seem to have this option, as you can only sort albums by rating, date uploaded, caption, views, member name, and comments. I would think sorting alphabetically by filename would be an option other users could use as well?