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  1. Just released my Warning BBCode file in the downloads area.

  2. IPB Forum Tabs/Dividers

    I think you could use this tutorial on CodersRefuge.com ... with modification it could be what you'd like done.
  3. Still trying to figure out how to create an elections module for IPB, maybe an idea for someone else I suppose.

  4. Trying to figure out how to create an election mod application.

  5. Thanks bfarber for answer my question.

  6. IP.Content : Forms Question

    Cool. Nice feature addition if it is indeed possible. Guess I'll wait until 2.0 to decide then.
  7. Wish someone would answer my question about IP.Content!

  8. Wondering if it possible to create forms (contact, applications, quote, etc.) using IP.Content that post to a forum? If there was a tutorial out there that would be great. I'm trying out content on a friend's board who has purchased the license and all. But, I wanted to know if this was possible because I'm thinking of purchasing it myself.
  9. Trying to figure out how to make forms post to topics in my board...any ideas? Must be a trick to it somewhere without buying a mod.

  10. Really liking 3.1 beta, can't wait to see the finished product.

  11. Working on creating a new social justice site, should be exciting.

    1. Charles


      Does sound interesting.

  12. Finally got what I paid for...thanks IPS!

  13. IPB 3.0.3 is released!

    I noticed the MP3 Player in the public folder, how do you activate that. Or is it unusable as of yet?
  14. IP.Board 3.0.0 Public Preview Coming Soon

    Looking forward to seeing the new product, hopefully the skinning will be a bit easier to do.