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  1. I thought windows 3.11 was something, so if 3.1 is anything like that then...WOW!

  2. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Search Overhaul

    Very innovative like! Nice work!:)
  3. IPB 3.1.0

    Like most of the members here I have downloaded uncountable software. The thing I never see is release dates for products that a company is working on, it just happens that they are cool enough to let us know about the upcoming improvements. It helps keep our interest and gives us something to look forward to but the caution in all of it is don't rush the improvements. IPB 3 is already a complete forum, a very complete forum software. The need for the next gadget will not improve our forums but I sure don't hate them, I like new functionality just like the next customer. IPB 3.1 has some very nice improvements coming and is quickly evolving but at some point we have to be happy with the work in progress for the next version. That is just my $0.02
  4. IP.Board 3.1.0 Dev Update: Sharing Links

    IPS, now this is cooking with gas!
  5. Archive posts?

    That will be an excellent feature, looking forward to it!
  6. Related Threads?

    Keep in mind once you get your traffic to a certain level you will need one very beefy machine to handle all the MySQL selects.
  7. What is this site using for its cms?

    I am going to throw in the other 1%.
  8. Google WebMaster identified keywords

    I thnk there should be an easier way also, icon is at the top of my list too and not sure what to do about it.
  9. To keep on track with the new Google algo, I wanted to see how forums are going to be ranked in the new world?
  10. If you upgrade your forums to 3.0.5

    There is a way to re-install without uninstalling, well a simple upgrading trick.
  11. CJOIN-0 error :: Please Read

    Remember to clear browser cache, there is still some odd stuff happening but I know you are on it:)
  12. CJOIN-0 error :: Please Read

    Ok so far after I cleared my cache things look like they are holding, I came in under another browser that was fresh and the error did not come up, I will keep an eye on it. Forward progress is good!
  13. IP.Chat help!

    I am mass producing a new bumper sticker "I'd rather be IPB chatting". There is something more then likely fairly simple which the collective minds at IPS will figure out and when they do I will call the printers immediately.
  14. IP.Chat help!

    Did you uninstall the previous Chat service first?