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  1. They wanted to hold off releasing it because things are going really well so decided to release it later. Weird I know.  
  2. Yeah Jason used to be a great tech at IPB support. Thankfully Matts been the one to sort my last couple of issues. 
  3. Is 4.0.4 reasonably stable?

    Problem is waiting for 4.1 if things are like they are currently they might need to wait for 4.1.5 which might be another year considering the length of time it's taken to get here. 
  4. Where's the announcement forum?

    Thanks Lindy, However,Still don't think it makes it appear to be clearer to visitors/users - like the poster above said it really should show the date the blog entry was posted. 
  5. Where's the announcement forum?

    Cos i don't think many people would tend to see important news under the recent entries on the main homepage. 
  6. Where's the announcement forum?

    Absolutely stupid idea to get rid of the announcements forum! 
  7. RC5?

    They also said it would be finished well over a year ago. Deadlines/timescales change. People should be used to this with IPS now. 
  8. RC2 is out...

    Yeah i downloaded RC2 but soon as installed a fresh test install i couldn't log in on the test site. Obviously no idea if this was the reason it was pulled or just a coincidence. 
  9. ​Yep I've renewed my 6 monthly subscription twice in the hope it would be released soon to no avail. Sods law it runs out next month when it will probably end up being released but I'm pretty apathetic about the whole situation now and might now renew anyway. 
  10. Personally i hope they take another 6 months, i mean we can all wait forever right.
  11. 4.0 - Messenger

      I wasn't the one who said it was going to be out in early 2014 (or not so early) 
  12. 4.0 - Messenger

    Great. We might see it sometime early in 2014. Oh wait. 
  13. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    The second quarter of a calendar year (April, May, June) Second quarter: from the beginning of April to the end of June
  14. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Yep this place feels very stale at the moment, I'm coming back a week at a time and nothings changed, just IPS missed a loose deadline they originally set and now pretty much leaving their customers waiting in the dark. Very odd - there's been a remarkable change at IPS.
  15. When is IPB 4.0 ?

    Exactly this. I can understand why people are getting disappointed/annoyed with the unannounced delay.