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  1. Search still needs to be a focus

    As per your guide here:  If you embed a database on a page then that is all fine and searchable.  However if you make a basic html page in the acp then even the basic html content isn't indexed by the site and the same goes for the new wysiwyg content blocks that you can add from the front-end.  So on my test site I built a basic homepage which had a page title loaded automatically from the acp and wysiwyg block of content.  Net result is that none of my homepage is indexed or searchable using the built-in search engine, which for myself at least is a significant weakness for V4. Thanks
  2. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    Deleting all of the languages except English (UK) also worked on my Mac
  3. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    Interesting.  My iPhone gives me en-gb but my iMac gives me en-us when both are connected to my same home router.  Not sure why this would be?
  4. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    I get en-gb correctly but even if I put a UK postcode into calendar I'm usually offered a result in the US. The default country is always US. 
  5. There are places outside of the USA ;)

    I always get USA as well. A default setting would be good. 
  6. Search still needs to be a focus

    I'm still at a loss to understand why the search doesn't cover pages content. Could you explain why this is and if there are plans to change it please?
  7. Topic custom fields - possible?

    I remain astounded that the ability to create custom fields isn't part of the core for the complete suite.  I've been asking for custom fields for the calendar for years.
  8. Editing Block Templates

    Would it be possible to have a better interface for editing block templates please. If you select the 'use as base for custom template' option then the editing window is far too small. Having to save, then reopen, then select content, then accept a warning dialogue every time you want to change something is a pain. The Page and database template editor is way better. Thanks
  9. Blue Lagoon

    Fully agree that this is a truly excellent theme. I'd also welcome the ability to place the slider on the default home page rather than just the forum index page please. The slider doesn't work if you select the option to include javascript just before the </body> tag (which may be beyond your control, but at least worth a mention in the documentation). Not sure if you can add extra screens to the slider, but if you can't hen the option would be appreciated. 5 Stars though 
  10. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    Bottom right hand corner
  11. Extra Pages Content

    No one please?
  12. Extra Pages Content

    I understood that 4.1 comes with some extra content to demonstrate what can be done with pages.  I have just done a clean install of 4.1.2 but am only seeing the standard one article and page.  Is the extra content a separate download or have I misunderstood? Thanks
  13. ccs_files on update to 4.0

    Great thanks. 
  14. ccs_files on update to 4.0

    Bump anyone please?