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  1. ccs_files on update to 4.0

    Great thanks. 
  2. ccs_files on update to 4.0

    Bump anyone please?
  3. ccs_files on update to 4.0

    Can anyone tell me what happens to the ccs_files folder and its contents when you upgrade to 4 please?  Does it get moved to a new storage area or left as a legacy folder? thanks
  4. What's holding you back from upgrading to IPB 4.x?

    I waiting for all of the filter and sorting options to be included in the Pages feed blocks.  There are very few of the 3.4 ones that I don't use somewhere.
  5. I also think the community in the cloud service would be greatly enhanced by being hosted on a high-speed satellite - there is currently one going spare on the Dark Side of Pluto.
  6. Introducing: IPS Community Suite 4!

    I know I'm being pedantic, but why would you include a 250 user chatroom service with a licence that only allows 175 users online at any one time?
  7. I don't doubt that they know what they're doing and IPS's support-ticket support is second to none.  Maybe a bug tracker is of more value during beta stages and a support ticket system for production software?
  8. Of course. ​In which case it would have been nice if they had said 'we think this is fixed in version xxxx, please upgrade and let us know if you're still having a problem' - rather than simply marking it as closed.  I'm just saying it isn't really encouraging.
  9. ​That happened to me.  I posted what I took to be a bug, it sat for several weeks and was then closed with just a message saying to submit a ticket if I still had a problem.  As I don't plan on upgrading for several months I haven't bothered submitting any more.
  10. 4.0 GOLD!! WOOOOOOOOOOOO! How about a promotion?

    Well I just want to say congratulations to IPS!   Development seems to have been a long hard slog at times for both IPS and customers, but I am sure that that will pale once we all get stuck into using 4.  Is any X.0.0 bug free?   I suspect not, but the psychological step of getting out of core development and into 'production' is probably an important one for  and I'm sure that everything will settle-down very quickly.  4.0, the feature plan and new 3rd party apps make this an exciting time.
  11. control timezone..

    I think it would also be helpful to be able to set the timezone display for calendar events.  For example if you are running online webinars then you need the time to display as local to the user, but all our events are physical ones so I would prefer all times to display in the timezone of the event location, irrespective of the timezone of the user.
  12. IP.Nexus - Inventory by size (clothing)

    Yes.  The individual size if selected will show as 'out of stock' but the other sizes can still be selected and purchased.
  13. PayPal Pro

    Does IPS4 Commerce support PayPal Pro?  There only seems to be one PayPal option available and I couldn't work out which one it is.Thanks