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    Trying to install IPB Chat from Manage Applications & Modules . Every time I press install it just directs me to the Chat upgrade so there is no way I can actually install the Chat. What is going on here, what do I do i need help urgently?
  2. How do you restrict a forums posts from showing up in the hook 'Recent Topics Added'. I have a few RSS forums, with posts that I do not want to show on the side, but I do not know how to hide them from the hook :(.
  3. Community Content System

    Seems like it. TBH I am REALLY excited. can't wait to see what opportunities this brings about.
  4. IPB Final Release?

    I just need an estimate here lol. Also are we going on from RC2 to final or to RC3?
  5. Community Content System

    Ah I am going to do it tomorrow now anyway.
  6. IPB Final Release?

    Is the final going to come out in June as planned or not? Are we going from RC2 straight to the FINAL?
  7. Community Content System

    Thanks for the response guys. Haha I should do in 10 minutes time :).
  8. Is it like the IP Dynamic you were going to release? Is it basically the same thing?
  9. New IPB Board?

    Should I start my new board using IPB Beta 2? This is a completely fresh board, should I wait until the final comes out?
  10. Anyone miss the old IPB?

    I love the new skin, but the first communities I ever visited and used were those IPB 2 ones, so even though I love the direction IPB is heading, I will still miss those ancient times.
  11. I mean I love IPB 3, but is anyone going to miss the old IPB and the default skin there? I had some good memories on those old IPB boards :) .
  12. Get a place where we can all post what modifications we want to see in iPB 3. Different ideas posted in the forum, which modification makers can scout the forum about and decide to make some.