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  1. IPS Social Suite (4.0)

      So out of the box, the suite will all still live under /forum/?    Usability and good architecture are both lacking in the 3.x suite and I really hope these are improved in 4.0. /blogs/ /galleries/ and everything else should be independent from the forum. The fact "Forum" shows up in titles etc of unrelated sections really pains me.    A focus group dedicated to SEO and another to UI should be setup if they haven't already been.
  2. IP Blog / IPB4

    If your users are able to create blogs for any topic, it will most certainly dilute the theme of your website. I'd personally add a noindex tag to all of the blogs and perhaps even bar Google from indexing them in the first place. If the blogs all shared a common theme, it wouldn't be an issue.
  3. [HQ] Awards

    Shame this has a recurring fee. I would have happily paid for the mod, but never a fan of recurring fees.
  4. IP.Gallery terrible SEO

    Those particular URLs, yeah. Though if I'd designed the software, I'd have done a check, and not allowed a user to create to images with the same name. But overall, looking at the titles of the pages, url of image: med_gallery_58235_6557_289254.jpg, no alt text etc. It's not good.
  5. IP.Gallery terrible SEO

    You'd be surprised. The galleries are actually popular, except NOBODY finds us via them, they visit them once at the website. WMT reports a lot of duplicate content. Urls like index.php/gallery/image/45401-atralin-week-1-pic-10/page__k__bb2fe024f8a71424996db6d9af08c1fc__settingNewSkin__1 All 5 pics in this gallery, all have duplicate titles etc /messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/23330-week-5/ /messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/23331-week-5/ /messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/23332-week-5/ /messageboard/index.php/gallery/image/23333-week-5/ :s
  6. IP.Gallery terrible SEO

    I'm doing an SEO audit on and just found something that's literally god smacked me. Google site: This shows 3.2 million results. Buckets of duplicate content but still, 3.2 million indexed results. The 3.2 million indexed pages, bought a total of 14 visits in the entire month. This is for a huge website that gets millions of visitors every month, masses of inbound links etc. We're going to noindex the entire gallery, ATM it's a waste of link juice and crawl allowance. Paul
  7. SEO issues - Duplicate content

    Yeah. Content is king, until your internal architecture is screwed, then Panda is king!
  8. SEO issues - Duplicate content

    I'm gonna stop posting problems and fixes, the issues are just too extensive. It's taking long enough to find them and then further time to report here and I have no idea whether my posts are being appreciated by the devs or whether they're being seen as a nuisance. These are major issues, I'm having to hire a developer to manually fix the issues, until they're officially resolved. Average joe wouldn't even have a clue these problems exist, so it's left to the few who do know to debate and it's taking up a lot of my time. Especially as this is a public forum and everybody, expert or not, chimes in and just complicates matters. It would be worth checking out: http://www.seomoz.or...ost-panda-world This outlines possible problems with duplicate content post Panda. All of the issues I've been outlining are mentioned here as problems. Matt, if you would like my help in properly diagnosing all of the issues in the IP applications, feel free to drop me a PM. SEO issues right now should be a priority or least have a dedicated team taking care of them. Cheers, Paul
  9. SEO issues - Duplicate content

    Issue #3http://community.inv...page__type__all Both pages show the same content. Similar with all the sorting options.Fix Canonical tag of Edit: similar thing, urls like this: http://community.inv...ype=all&stick=1
  10. SEO issues - Duplicate content

    Issue #2 All category pages have identical titles to the main blog. Fix Add the category to the title. I would go as far as removing the blog name, from these pages. Add an opinion in IP.SEO to noindex these pages
  11. SEO issues - Duplicate content

    Similar to the issues with IP.Board as discussed here: IP.Blog suffers similar issues. Although perhaps worse. Example:page__st__20page__st__20#commentsStart Though #commentsStart isn't technically a new page. Anyway pages 2+ not only display the exact same <h1> <title> but also the same content, minus the comments which change. The fix for this, wouldn't be the same as the fix for the duplicate content issue in the forums. Because page 2, should not even exist. The proper fix would be to load the additional comments via ajax. Then 301 redirect page__st__xx to the main blog post. These duplicate content issues are really bad guys, this kind of thing, is exactly what Panda was designed to penalise against. I really feel strongly, that all development should be put on hold and these SEO issues resolved. They're not mere optimisations, they're fixes for duplicate content. No new feature, or bug fix can be as important as these issues, which can cause a massive drop in traffic, if flagged by Panda. Google webmaster tools, has tens of thousands of duplicate title and meta desc flags, coming from various areas of the IP. applications. I have had to do a quick fix on the blogs and forums and noindex page 2+. It's not a fix as such, but it's at least going to prevent the duplicate content issues. Cheers.
  12. Steven, don't confuse dofollow, nofollow with noindex. (assuming you are, as I couldn't figure out why you mentioned do follow comments). But beyond that, you need to backtrack a little, the entire point of this thread, is that page 2+ is seen as a different thread. So adding noindex to pages 2+, won't effect weight in any way, shape or form.
  13. Steven, seriously, for now, use the noindex on page 2+, that Brandon posted a few pages back. Nothing bad can come of it. Worst would be that it didn't help. Ensure you use noindex, follow. This means those pages wont get indexed BUT link juice will flow to the links on those pages and Google will continue to visit them.
  14. Without the issue with the pages being fixed first, it's not worth it. The two combined will be a great solution.
  15. Dunno if that was tongue in cheek. 1. IPB has masses of inbound links, more than 99% of websites in existence, it will rank much easier than most. 2. SEO rankings flying, isn't being targeted by anybody. In fact in the first few pages, nobody even has the term in the title. Of course it's going to rank. I won't go too hard on you, just incase your comment was tongue in cheek ;)