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  1. Emergency ticket on weekend

    I also learned that 4.0 is very strict about which user uploads files.  With 3.0, if you accidentally uploaded something under root you may never know the difference,  With 4.0 you forum will fall apart and how depends on which file you edited and uploaded.  You have to use your cpanel user.  You must!!!! The fix for this is to download the offending file/files and upload again as the cpanel user while overwriting the old edited file/files.
  2. Emergency ticket on weekend

    It took 13 days for my critical tix to be resolved.  LOL..  I just looked, it was suphp in my case.   I kept running that query on a regular basis until it was solved.
  3. Emergency ticket on weekend

    Do you run suphp?  I think this may possibly be it...  Maybe...  I had too many issues and they are jumbled in my brain.  LOL...  If you have Supho you can blame this one on lack of documentation for constants.php.... IPS can do it, or you would need to run a database query I can provide.  This is a temp fix so you need to fix your issue or it will keep happening.  We used to have tools for this,  Grrr...
  4. Emergency ticket on weekend

    You need to rebuild your cache.  There is an underlying issue if I can jar my memory. 4.0 is different to the 3.0 in a lot if ways. Also extremely buggy.
  5. Emergency ticket on weekend

    And how did they fix this?  Perhaps by using one of the rebuild/cache tools we can't have?  Because using those don't fix the issue?  
  6. Emergency ticket on weekend

    We shall see...  My bets are on themes and cache,  The other person this happened to added a mod.
  7. Emergency ticket on weekend

    Just what exactly do you have access to?  Can your webhost or you restart some services to see if this helps?
  8. Emergency ticket on weekend

    You are right!  Actually I found it and the resolution is missing from the post.  Did you read your error files?
  9. Emergency ticket on weekend

    Wish I could help...  You could be waiting a long time unless you show IPS the money.  I did see something similar happen to another person.  Want me to look for the post?
  10. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    And you know what else?  I forgot to mention this.  After I posted screen shots showing the admins session frozen from when they worked on my site on Tues, I got the famous, blame the server business.  And BTW, I had zero issues with this prior.  What do they think we are, idiots that will fall for anything? .But just this once they didn't try to sell me hosting after they mentioned my "ailing" server.  Whoopie!  Anymore I feel like I am working with snake oil salesmen that will tell your anything,  
  11. PAGES - Confused by IPB & the staff

    Ok this just takes the cake and I am fit to be tied.    After a long drawn out process to fix what was basically a session type of bug, the second support left my admin CP, my sessions were screwed up. So what do they fricken do after I report this?  They tell me to open a new ticket and marked the current one resolved!  Leaving me with a dangerous situation with admins with sessions that will not go away.  And I will not get a response now for days! You are just the worst!!!!  What has become of IPS?  Really?  What?
  12. Stream improvements

    My first inclination was to click the check mark which asked if I wanted to mark all read.  I imagine all our members will be doing this also, Oh and I liked the stream on a navigation tab, if it worked ok.  I can  just add it in myself,
  13. upgrade finish tool

    Well my busy site has been down for hours over caching.   Unreal!
  14. Migrating From V-Bulletn 5

    Well, I had extenuating circumstances and had to move fast.  So I just did it without any of these answers.  But maybe they will help someone else?  Somehow I never saw anyone's answers.  Even the one up above mine.  Weird...  So I winged it.  But thanx anyways.Speaking of winging it, I installed 4 without any instructions.  It said click here for instructions and took me to a dead page.  I think I wasn't supposed to install on top of 3.4.  Now that what's not Kewl considering the money I spent. I
  15. Migrating From V-Bulletn 5

    I am waiting to proceed right this moment.