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  1. I tried adding the media tags and they would disappear.  Also, hitting the enter button took nearly 10 attempts when editing a post.  Basically for the average forum user, videos don't work, period.  Otherwise I would need to keep an announcement on the top of the forums with instructions.
  2. Just curious why you did this, and why we don't have an option to turn this on.  I have a relatively new site and cant tell if they are even visiting my site.  Plus what about the ones that may be going overboard and I have no clue?   I am having considerable issues and not seeing this is making life extremely difficult.
  3. Back To Top

    This was applauded as the best thing since sliced bread on my site.  Such a small thing, but proof IPS was clueless when they removed this function.
  4. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    Sorry I forgot to enable Java.  But still, is your forum meant to be much wider than the chrome browser?  
  5. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    Maybe I can't see it since the page isn't displaying properly under chrome?
  6. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    Don't see it anywhere.  Am I missing it?  By the way, you can make a lot with ads.  I get like a 5th of your traffic and make $180 a month,
  7. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    So are you saying that having designers mode enabled makes it not work right? Because I don't want to give up my designers mode.
  8. Removed function makes life miserable for members

    So is this working better now?  You had posted a 1 star rating and commented on this being disappointing  .
  9. Everyone has been whining about this..    And I think they have valid concerns since it affects usability considerably.    
  10. Free SSL

    I was just kidding, but from my experience, free always comes with a "cost".  We just need to figure out what this cost is.
  11. Free SSL

    Probably the NSA wanting to get inside our encrypted connections,   I always paid 12 bucks and get immediate 100% wonderful support.  Have two new ones so will wait and see what happens with this.
  12. Emergency ticket on weekend

    I also learned that 4.0 is very strict about which user uploads files.  With 3.0, if you accidentally uploaded something under root you may never know the difference,  With 4.0 you forum will fall apart and how depends on which file you edited and uploaded.  You have to use your cpanel user.  You must!!!! The fix for this is to download the offending file/files and upload again as the cpanel user while overwriting the old edited file/files.
  13. Emergency ticket on weekend

    It took 13 days for my critical tix to be resolved.  LOL..  I just looked, it was suphp in my case.   I kept running that query on a regular basis until it was solved.
  14. Emergency ticket on weekend

    Do you run suphp?  I think this may possibly be it...  Maybe...  I had too many issues and they are jumbled in my brain.  LOL...  If you have Supho you can blame this one on lack of documentation for constants.php.... IPS can do it, or you would need to run a database query I can provide.  This is a temp fix so you need to fix your issue or it will keep happening.  We used to have tools for this,  Grrr...
  15. Emergency ticket on weekend

    You need to rebuild your cache.  There is an underlying issue if I can jar my memory. 4.0 is different to the 3.0 in a lot if ways. Also extremely buggy.