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  1. 3.1.3 soon?

    Bump! Would like to see this released as it fixes many of the bug my board has been experiencing... it's end of the month time :)
  2. Gallery 4.0 - Slightly more than a sneak peek

    +1 Vote for this Feature please :) Been trying to work out how to do it with the current Gallery, and it ain't easy for a layman like moi :D 1 Otherwise... looking awesome Matt
  3. is confused why his PM's keep going up...

  4. Is waiting for someone to update his software PLEASE! :)

  5. Wolfie you've been hiding here this whole time and haven't told me? You're a legend in these parts, I'd never have known! Respect!

  6. WIshes AndyJ & Co all the best, I consider it ironically an exact chip off the old block... I bear him no ill feeling, only gratitude for years of service. I taught him well, and he's follwing in my footsteps nicely, in his own FIA now... If he has half the success we had together, he'll kick ass :-)

  7. What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? Incomplete Members

    I agree with you cirem, but it's a necessary evil these days... if you're not linked to them, then you're simply out of the loop. (mind you, I know this will be abused by my members once i make it available to them for sure...) dammed if ya do/dammed if ya don't! :)
  8. What's new in IP.Board 3.1.2? (Part 1)

    Great stuff guys... I can't wait to upgrade from my old 2.x version :)
  9. is over forum politics!