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  1. More in account settings menu

  2. Registred on your site a few minutes ago, is there anything important for IP.S users like modifications, plugins, etc.? :D

    1. Morrigan


      No, that's my actual hobby site. Nothing really pertaining to IPS except the bug tracker for my skins at the moment.

  3. More in account settings menu

    This is mine: And that's full width (not even going into smaller widths).
  4. Just a quick suggestion to add a "More" functionality (similar to the way the primary and secondary navs work) in the account Settings tabs. I find a lot of apps have taken to putting tabs into the account settings (mostly login integration) and the tabs are starting to overlap. If I get one more then It won't be pretty (already a little squishy).
  5. Are forum communities dead?

    lol! I don't think that it's really a rage topic. I think it's a "I feel like my site is failing" thread.
  6. Are forum communities dead?

    I love the "Beam me up Scotty, there is no intelligent life down here." Played to the Star Trek nerd in me.
  7. Best wishes from Germany :p

    1. Morrigan


      Right back at ya! (From Arizona)

    2. jacboy


      Maybe coming to the USA this year (see here)

  8. Are forum communities dead?

    This always gives me a lol when I think about other forum softwares versus IPS:    
  9. about the new Search Stream display format

    One thing I would like to add is that I think that things like "statuses" and whatnot need to have similar look to posts and other content. It looks odd to have this: Things like "likes" and notices of "replies" are all formatted differently then a post or a full status. I'd think they should at least have a box the way that the others do but they are just text and look worse (I think) on darker skins. I think the biggest disconnect for me on those is that you can get stacks of them like you see there (which doesn't look too bad) but then you can get a stray one like this:   They look out of place and like they shouldn't be there.
  10. I asked for something similar toward the beginning and hoping that the blocks get some of their stuff back. Blocks used to be able to inherit variables from the page they were on. I think that the issue is that they are now in special containers and may not be getting that information because I can't have a block that knows that a topic is locked and so therefore displays a message I just have to display the block always or hard code it in. Plus I'm waiting for random to come back!
  11. User notes system

    You can restrict based on categories/items for almost every app with there as well. So you can show it in pretty specific areas. The mod one I believe you can use either the widget version (which means you can control it that way) or the other but I'm not sure I don't have the app.
  12. User notes system

    Well there are two things. The Announcements via Username > Moderator CP > Announcements Or if you want to custom display them: I'm not sure if the one above allows you to restrict it based on days etc but I do know that the default announcements does.
  13. Follow Topic Button: Unique Way to Create Engagement

    Are you talking about password protected forums? If you are, I agree with the decision. I don't think that, if the person doesn't have the password anymore, that they should be receiving notifications for it and there is little way to determine that because it's based on a cookie stored on the end user's computer. There is, however, still the way to follow the topics themselves when replying or creating the topic. It may be more tedious but I think that it's the better option.
  14. 4.x Hosting is Too Slow

    I think, actually, this would be more appropriate to a ticket.
  15. I think you could do this with custom templates and fields.