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  1. Morrigan added a post in a topic Is there an ETA on when replying to statuses in widget will be implemented?   

    Can I ask (if it will be unformatted) that it be a toggle switch to use it @Lindy? My users have been comfortable with the change and I would hate for things to not format.
  2. Morrigan added a post in a topic Avatar filetype not allowed after upgrading to 4.0.11   

    So most likely a bug I would report it.
  3. Morrigan added a post in a topic Login Required to View Board   

    There are multiple ways to accomplish this.
    Number one don't give them access:

    Number two, give them access but don't allow them to view things without logging in (can see forum but not topics etc).
    Overall though? Of course it's possible.
  4. Morrigan added a post in a topic Avatar filetype not allowed after upgrading to 4.0.11   

    Can you provide the full URL of the link you are using? It's saying the file type is not allowed which means it's not seeing a .jpg, .jpeg, .gif or .png file extension is what my guess is.
    If you've tested each then there could be a bug so maybe you should file a ticket?
  5. Morrigan added a file in Themes   

    Ice Cream Parlor Theme v1.0.0
    A simple enough skin, not image heavy that is more on the feminine side.
    Choose the "Ice Cream Parlor" Theme
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  6. Morrigan added a post in a topic How send ideas ?   

    In this forum. Just post your ideas in a constructive way in a topic in this forum.
  7. Morrigan added a post in a topic Gallery linking in Calendar   

    I'll be honest, I wouldn't support this. I don't want a way for users to use other albums for credit/copyright reasons.
  8. Morrigan added a post in a topic Provide a default dark theme   

    I certainly don't think white on black is pretty at all but I neither support or don't support this. I'm sure this can be pretty easily done. I mean there are plenty of dark themes out there (I made one).
  9. Morrigan added a post in a topic Auto detect mentions   

    Yeah, I'd totally dig on this. I tend to have issues in first paragraph tagging causing issues. Second paragraph always works but the first one it's hit or miss.
    I also have some member's that cannot seem to do it at all sometimes.
  10. Morrigan added a post in a topic should I change to IPS   

    I'm going to trump all these people with features (as I was a convert from SMF years ago and still have an active updated version on my servers) with skinning is FAR easier on IPS. You don't have to learn PHP (even if it can help) to do it and it won't let you update your skin with bunk code that can literally bork your entire board.
    SMF is lovely, don't get me wrong. The community is... iffy (IMHO) but overall the software is sound. It's difficult to skin though, the coding community is spotty and overbearing (again this is my opinion overall).
    Here on IPS I've never been disrespected by the staff or other modders. They are helpful, they fix my issues, they don't make me feel silly for simple mistakes, they stalk my Alien Isolation streamimg (Looking at you @Rikki) and quite simply? It's always been the best software on the market. And if I may enter a video (remove if you want staffers) I always think of this when I compare softwares which makes me lol, it makes me happy and it totes has Star Trek references that make my inner nerd go squee (specifically minute 3 second 20):
  11. Morrigan added a post in a topic Suggestion: Staff page to show which moderator is in which forum   

    For this one, you can get someone to create you a custom "staff" template that has the data that you want and then you can apply that template for the sections you want to display that information for.
  12. Morrigan added a post in a topic FTP   

    I believe you may be able to? But for the most part you upload the tar file in the ACP and it will install it from there.
  13. Morrigan added a topic in Product Feedback   

    IP.Pages Unique Fields
    I think it would be an awesome feature if there could be a way to make a field unique that way that if it already exists in the database that it cannot be re-submitted. I don't know how many people would use such a filter but I know that I could think of at least two applications:
    Unique URLs (like to a directory like what I run)Unique members (That way only one submission can be done by the member in a database that only one active record can be allowed)Obviously I don't expect it to be perfect ( versus but it would help me immensely if I could force certain things to be unique within the database, similar to display names or emails.
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  14. Morrigan added a post in a topic "Perrsonal" statuses and exporting   

    It's a per group option:

  15. Morrigan added a post in a topic IPB 4.0 Messenger - User Interaction Failure   

    For the time being @surferboy You can also use the translation tool to change the verbiage for your members to better understand in the time being to "Remove Conversation". For me the change won't be useful as the verbiage hasn't changed from 3.0 to 4.0 so my end users are used to it.