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  1. avatar size please help?

    Thank you @Michael R
  2. avatar size please help?

    Hello @MRniceGUY1990 In the 4.0 product line rectangle profile photos are no longer supported as it is detrimental to the skin. You can make the images larger but they will still be square. On my site located here: I have circle images with square avatars in the forum. To make up to my members about the lack of rectangle images I provided the space in a different manner. I went from 200x300 avatars to 250x250 avatar photos and that seemed to be the best solution for this.
  3. More positive reinforcement

    Totes looking forward to the new pic then! I totes thought you were the one on the left though... @Woodsman
  4. More positive reinforcement

    No beard. @Woodsman
  5. More positive reinforcement

    Woo! Pics or it didn't happen @Woodsman
  6. The new menu manager is the best thing since ever! Like OMG!

  7. Hey everyone in IPS, I just want to put some more positive reinforcement in the world for you guys again. I know that there is a lot of flack coming around for the 4.x series but I really do love the feel and look. I love the ease of use and the direction of it. I MEAN COME ON, auto updates! My life will be cake soon. With all the hell in my life, IPB/S still makes me happy and I still love the product and the people. Thank you for being you!
  8. 3.5.x series

    I want to say both of these are true. I, first off, would never ask a software developer to go backwards as that's detrimental to moving forward and by all means, as @AndyF has said these same things happened when it went from the 2.x series to the 3.x series. Eventually the up to date wins on these because they are bringing the software up to date to modern internet standards. To me it's like saying "I won't upgrade XP because I like it better" it doesn't mean that Microsoft will continue to support it when they have come out with 4 new operating systems since the development (not including server versions or 8.1 as it's own OS). Software develops and you aren't expected to upgrade immediately but if you get a new Computer you won't get XP on it even if you want it same thing with internet software. Eventually the software will move on and you can wait, which is perfectly reasonable, or jump on board and move forward with it, which is fun and perfectly reasonable as well. You certainly need to make the best decision for your community but I will say that I've had a better time with 4.0 in terms of management, members finding things, skinning and all around organization since it came out. There are things that I have requested to be fixed/improved but I can't even look at a 3.4 site and think that it's even comparable to a 4.0 stock site.
  9. Add tags to topics

    Me too!
  10. IPB 4.1 looks so pretty. Yay more skinning!

  11. Pages - Additional Filter

    Yes they allow for it but it's not flterable if you use the light switch method which is a little silly. If you want to actually have it be filterable you have to use a radio button or a select or a checkbox which, if you change it to one of those after using the switch, you lose all of the data.Regardless, you should be able to filter by the switch using the database filters, there is really no reason (as it's not a text field) for it not to be filterable.
  12. Pages - Additional Filter

    I think it is prudent to request that a "Yes/No" field in Pages be something you can filter by without having to switch to a select field or radio or checkbox.
  13. I'm no longer a client?

    I think on this note I think I agree. I allow moderators to have limited access to the ACP so they will likely see this notification as they are added via the "Administrators" under the core members app but they aren't necessarily administrators.