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  1. Follow Topic Button: Unique Way to Create Engagement

    Are you talking about password protected forums? If you are, I agree with the decision. I don't think that, if the person doesn't have the password anymore, that they should be receiving notifications for it and there is little way to determine that because it's based on a cookie stored on the end user's computer. There is, however, still the way to follow the topics themselves when replying or creating the topic. It may be more tedious but I think that it's the better option.
  2. 4.x Hosting is Too Slow

    I think, actually, this would be more appropriate to a ticket.
  3. I think you could do this with custom templates and fields.
  4. Option to reset all members' passwords

    That's fine @Colonel_mortis but you don't have to force change their password on the site. Adding the ability to email them is fine. Still doesn't change that it's a sound answer.
  5. I don't think it would be a threshold issue (yes 4.1.7). Have you tried creating a new field and not edit an old one?
  6. While trying not to be offended by the statement of blatant "Are you an idiot?" connotation, Because I know that none of my mods change the behavior of Profiles. Unless you think that my skin, that is controlled by my custom.css is magically changing the submission values somehow.
  7. Option to reset all members' passwords

    You know what, I'm stepping out of this conversation. I think I've explained a very sound option for what you are looking for that would be something that I would support in core. Unfortunately I don't believe your option is neither a good one, nor one that I would be happy with it being something on my forum. The option in general is a dangerous one. I think that if you need this option then you may have bigger problems that you need to possibly look into a better hosting option or more regular maintenance to be sure your community is up to date.
  8. No, no I don't. This is default IPB 4 stuff: It likely means the functionality changed or something in your database isn't correct. Again! I recommend a ticket! I'm sure @Lindy would as well.
  9. No. @djpretzel Yes. In my database it still shows "Test 1" and "Test 2".
  10. Option to reset all members' passwords

    I think that you are not considering this correctly because password resets means that the server has to regenerate the password for each individual user, email them their new password AND update their email. That's 3 things to my one thing. If an email has been updated and confirmed I'm not sure that the suite is capable of putting it back, regardless.
  11. Option to reset all members' passwords

    This is a forceful method to stop it. It's low on server resources because it's updating one field. If you're hacked and emails have been changed then you will still have to put them back to where they were and a password "reset" wouldn't fix anything if the emails were changed anyways.
  12. I'm still not able to duplicate this. Done the exact same way before. I just created this field special for this testing on my live site:   If you are having a problem, I reiterate submitting a ticket.
  13. Option to reset all members' passwords

    But that's what I'm saying. Once the check mark is in place. No matter how many times they enter their password they will only be provided with that link until it's reset which would REQUIRE said hacker has access to the person's email in order to recover it. The solution still stands.
  14. Okay, still don't have that problem. @djpretzel Just tested it for you. So I took one of my listings out of the archive:   Chose Ghost, Were-Create and Shifter Went into the ACP, here were the before:   Here it is AFTER I move and change Vampire (mind you I saved it and went back into it just to be sure it moved and to take the screenshot):   Refreshed the listing and they were still the only three chosen: Vampire being where Were-Create was didn't change it: