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  1. Derbi-GPR added a comment Billing & Purchases - client info phone fields   

    Sefket isn't experienced in skinning and that's why its not in his shop and he approached me to do a little skinning because he thought this little task was easy for him but it wasn't after he realized it. He refunded me when he realized he cannot do it. You can trust him with your money.
  2. Derbi-GPR added a topic in Product Feedback   

    Extra Feature for "Merge member's concurrent posts "

    I have an Idea for a new Feature which would be very nice:

    Merge member's concurrent posts
    When a member posts twice within n minutes, once after the other in a topic they will be merged into one post. Enter the number of minutes to capture concurrent posts. Enter 0 to not use.

    At the momemt if there get 2 posts merged into one post it updates the time from the last Post but so User can use this to easy push up older Posts/Topics can you please add a Feature that it dont updates the Time and just merges the Posts?

    I hope you understand what i mean!

    Kind regards,
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