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  1. Correct. As you express yours. Of course I know nothing about you, and never claimed to. That is normal for a site I have not visited: I fail to see how you find my lack is humorous.
  2. Your making a lot of unnecessary work for yourself, but again your prerogative. On my forum, rude behavior, spam, harassment draws a ban for first offense. Whether permanent or time period is tailored to each situation. Warning points or verbal warnings point you out as a softie IMHO.
  3. If you have to coddle poor behavior on your forum so as not to offend others, your member base is not one I would care to have. Whenever I reprimand, or ban someone, it is always done publically, along with the reason. Mostly the other members cheer.
  4. The Future Of IPB Blog ( 4.0 )

    I doubt it. If a standalone blog goes away, it will not compete with other bloging software like Wordpress and Movable Type. A horizontal market is much better than a vertical market.
  5. The Future Of IPB Blog ( 4.0 )

    It would be better to have IP.Blog as a stand alone package: the IP.Board core not needed. That is the only way it can compete with Wordpress, Movable Type, etc as a real blog.
  6. Purchasing used IPS license

    It has been about a year now, but if memory serves, it was $20 USD.
  7. The Future Of IPB Blog ( 4.0 )

    And that is the problem. I was a blogger for nearly 10 years before I bought IP.Board. When I saw IP.Blog I also bought that thinking it was... well blogging software. I was livid when I found out what I bought was not bogging software at all. If someone produces tires, they don't sell them carberators. Either compete in the blogging market with IP.Blog as blogging software, or don't call it a blog. Which it isn't, it is a fancy page builder with comments.
  8. The Future Of IPB Blog ( 4.0 )

    IP.Blog will compete with real blogging software ( like WordPress, MovableType etc ) when it can be sold and run as a standalone application without the IP.Board core. As it stands, it is a blog in name only. Until then, IP.Blog will not be taken seriously be avid bloggers. I have IP.Blog, but don't use it in favor of MovableType ( not as popular but better than Wordpress ). Make IP.Blog usable with IP.Board/IP.Content, but also as a standalone blogging software and you will get buyers not only from IP.Board owners but many serious bloggers who are not interested in a forum.
  9. Clear bug not accepted as a bug...

    It looks like an intended design flaw. :unsure: :rofl:
  10. Either will work with IP.Board, but some third party add-ons may not be compatible yet with PHP v5.4.x
  11. It boggles my mind why those complaining about no downloads for older versions didn't think ahead and save a backup of each zipped download. I have every board version archived back to v2.2. It is just common sense to archive important files. It is your obligation to archive them, not IPS.
  12. I run three sites. Two have 3.4.2 and one has 2.3.6. There are security issues with 2.3.6, but it is a mole hill, not the mountain it is being blown into in this thread. Nor do I expect security updates for it.
  13. IPS4: Trophies

    True no big deal, but if they put everything in IP.Board that just a few want, you will have a good deal of the Marketplace in there, IP.Board would end up being a 100meg download.
  14. If I am not mistaken, I think what Jam Man wants to know is if the IP.Content API compares with WP for creating new posts. I have IP.Content but don't use it, as I prefer WP for blogging. So I can't answer that.
  15. Resize images using the editor

    Which is exactly what you should do. What you are asking is for IPS to add a feature so you can take the lazy route. It also encourages hot linking, and linking copyright material: which is maybe why vBulletin removed it.