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    I liked this plugin. Using it right now. Just one advice: don't create a new tab under settings. Please use the "Hooks" to make it easier for us folks to organize these things. Thanks!
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    Very good work, I'm using this addon at
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    Very good modification, works great on my site and brings good attention to our downloads portal.
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    Very good mod. I've been using it since several years.
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    Good addon.
  6. Hey, I sent you a message. Have you read it? Thanks.

  7. Metro

    Can we have a darker version on metro style?   I like the design, just don't like the bright colors.   Thanks
  8. me puedes ayudar a integrar mi cpanel con mi ipb?

  9. [defect] Mimetype masks are not working as intended

    Ahhh... now I see how it works. Thank you for explaining. Would it be possible to think about adding a button for enabling and disabling them from the list? In the current process it takes long time to deactivate each one. But never mind, I am glad to see that this is possible to customize after all. Thanks!
  10. Hello, The mime types masks are broken. It comes with one mask named as "default" that we can use to add or remove accepted extensions that works as intended. However, when we try to create a new mask then it will only allows to use "default" as base model instead of an empty one. When we delete a mime type from the new mask, it will also get deleted on the "default" mask and this renders the feature of having masks as useless. I cannot restrict a specific category to only accept one type of extensions. Hope this defect can soon be addressed. Thank you.
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