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  1. When you refresh an iCalendar feed import it only brings in new data and does not sync deleted data. In most cases we cant use this feature because we'd have to delete everything and start over atleast once a week. (dates change etc)  An option to destroy all data in the calendar your importing into and rewrite with all data from iCal feed would be better along with a scheduled task to do this daily.
  2. How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?

    No it's not.
  3. Followers Are Superior To Friends

    Cheers is spot on. On one hand there are niche communities that are in need of an organic friends system. On the other hand we have enterprise clients that use IPS everyday and will never use the friends system (or forums). Nonetheless an on/off feature for such a mechanism is a point of sale for both types of clients.
  4. Followers Are Superior To Friends

    holy bro...maybe you IPS gurus go document that Pages app with all this energy.
  5. Support Team

    ​ehh IPS hosts a Marketplace where people modify and monetize modifying IPS code to some extent, and if you didn't have that core group of guys that made mods and hooks IPS would have probably 2/3s less clients (thus the marketplace push before the documentation push). Anyways, the Pages app is not much without some modifications of stock code and there's nothing on it. I'd start there. Pages seems to heave the most potential and least doc. Thanks!
  6. How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?

    Thanks IN10TION! *So I got the status to work. I tried to add another dropdown and I can't get it to show. The fields is "Assigned To" but all it shows is the Status. Any other edits I need to make for it to show?
  7. How To Emulate The Bug Tracker?

      IPS are going to release theirs I think? Read Matt's post here.
  8. IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 6 Available

    ​ah..sounds like its very close then..approximately
  9. IPS Community Suite 4.0.0 Beta 6 Available

    did someone say Feb 10th for RC?
  10. Please consider an option within the Pages CMS app for a specified URL (parent tab or child)  to open in a new tab/window. We thought this was an unintentional oversight. One of the first thing's we would do is figure out a workaround for this. We use this software as a community hub and "launch pad" so we direct users away from ips to other ASP's or partners. They want to refer back to the their ips instance w/o using the back button or bookmark. Thanks!
  11. Tracker in 4.0

  12. Tracker in 4.0

    Would that provide a fully working example of your Tracker (like IPContent with/Articles)? That would be killer if so. 
  13. Tracker in 4.0

    Will you release the tracker you use here in 4.0 via the Pages module? It would be really great to have a working example w/the release.
  14. 4.0 - Recurring calendar events

    off topic but yes, list view with optional filters and sort options would kick the door open for IPS usage with many.
  15. 4.0 - Recurring calendar events

    great idea. does it notify subscribers when an event is edited?