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  1. (SD) Sales Portal Pro

    Hi, First of all, congrats on the work developed with this add-on. Do you have a live demo that I can use to test and see if it fits my needs? Thanks and regards, JB
  2. Classifieds

    I guess it's quite clear that people start to have no expectations  That's why we ask for alternatives :)
  3. Classifieds

    If you could share the alternatives you're testing, I would appreciate it. Agree that it's time to move forward and not wait longer. Thanks
  4. Links Directory

    I also don't use any of the thumbs options since they are very limited... instead, I use and upload the images of the pages. Not the best, but better than nothing :)   Like I said before, this is a great application! Recommend it.
  5. Remove warning option

    In my humble opinion, and agreeing with the messages above, not only it should be possible to remove one specific warning (and not only all or nothing), but there should be a filter to delete, for example, warnings made more than 1 year ago.
  6. Links Directory