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  1. Hello, You can convert vBulletin to IP Board. Please use this URL:
  2. Introducing Projects and Developer Profiles

    Do people from here get added to it?   I do converting, etc.   Thank you!
  3. Converter Question for vB

    Here is what converts from vBulletin 3.8 to IPB: We CANNOT convert vBulletin to IP.Board Bad Word Filters Permission Sets RSS Imports vBulletin to IP.Blog Content Blocks Ratings
  4. You're on late Lindy lol.
  5. phpBB to IP Board

    Yes, you can convert phpBB 2 and phpBB 3 to IPB.
  6. "tried demo of vbuleltin as first. Omg. After 5 minutes i logged off as admin from this nightmare and jumped to xenforo." I literally laughed at this lol. Glad you like IPB. I love IPB to. Been using it for a few years now.
  7. You're welcome! I apologize for the delay. I just checked my posts and checked here and you replied back.
  9. Reset Password button

    Hello, Can you add a button for where you're editing a members profile and you can add a "Reset Password" button and click it and it resets their password and it goes to their email? That would be awesome. Yes, I expect you guys to say they can click "Reset Password" to their email but this function sounds cool to.
  10. IPB BackUp Service

    Any new information on it?
  11. Database backup service.

    I can't wait for this either :D .
  12. Using a license with a board

    Thank you!
  13. Hello, I have IP Nexus, IP Downloads and IP Board with my package. Is it possible to just pay $25 for my board? I don't want to pay extra for the other add-ons that I have.
  14. Yes, you do. It's an seperate application.
  15. Introducing IPS Backup Service

    Thanks for answering my question MAtt. If we use the BETA, do we need to pay for it or can we get a discount if we pay for it?