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  1. Why IPC is failing

    If any of those sites are in your signature links. 2 of them I saw used the Article system, the rest were portals. The latest version of IP.Content solves most of your skinning issues honestly. The article system by default uses the 'IPB Wrapper'. So as long as your forum is skinned, the rest of IP.Content will have that same wrapper, feel and colors. No more trying to combine two CSS scripts and not understanding which style/id is stepping on the other. They already stripped it out and made them compatible for you.
  2. Page won't display after modifying a block

    This isn't the support section. I would make the post in the support section next time. However most it most likely is either due to the cache. Do you have it set as 0 or a another number when you create the block? You shouldn't need to delete the block just edit the block that isn't showing and the cache will be updated. It isn't something that I have had happen though on any of my sites. If it is still doing it. You've updated to the latest version of IP.Content and IP.Board then I would suggest submiting a ticket.
  3. multiple paged articles

    Just type the following where you want the page break to be in your post:[/page][page][contentpagination=2]
  4. Tags for Articles and forums I'm not so much interested in. I'm sure it will and can happen but I don't see it happening soon. The reason things like Joomla and Wordpress needed tags over IP.Board was because their search engines sucks. It really only typically searches topics, titles and rarely body. Tagging was put in as a way to add an extra function for their search engines without them having to revamp them. It became more popular with social networking and has grown from there. When you compare IP.Boards search function though I've never had an issue finding something because it was vastly superior. Now the IP.Gallery is where tagging is greatly needed. Images typically don't have a body of text to search, title that matches the image or the image fits in multiple categories. Until they revampe IP.Gallery though, then figure out how they want to implement tagging... then they'll probably see about applying that across all IP products at that point. If tagging happens though I really expect it to happen to IP.Gallery first, then can be worked in as a module, hook or block after that.
  5. Option to remove forums etc in ipcontent

    You could go into the skin for your forum and create a "if" function using:<if test="IPS_APP_COMPONENT != 'ccs'"> The code you want to use for the footer instead. <else /> Original footer code </if> When it is in IP.Content it will display your other footer code. When it is in the forums, it displays the normal forum footer.
  6. Why IPC is failing

    This is the one comment I find funny. Sorry not specifically directing this at a single user, "just quoting the part about the documentation so people can jump right into it". This seems to be a constant theme of what people want. HOWEVER it is not what they are asking. NO ONE wants simple instructions that gets them working out of the box. The reason is because there hasn't been one person who has posted on this thread who uses IP.Content like any other same user. Since IP.Content 2.x out of the box it works and functions as an article system. It even had a demo site. With IP 2.1 they changed the demo to use your IP.Board wrapper. Install. Start making articles, no configuration and it is initiative. It is that simple. Boom they can add 'Content'. The problem is even though that is what people are asking for, it isn't what they want. Now they want instructions to use the database. Now they want instructions on how skin it. Now they want instructions on how to get X to display, instead of Y. How to create a 'custom' navigation bar, etc. These requests aren't about simply using the product, these requests are the result of wanting to use features of the product that the 'user' probably doesn't even have an idea how to incorporate it. They just see it, they want to use it. So they ask for direction and help. People can not create 'generic' documentation. It already exists. They want more precise information. But the main issue is what 'User X' wants 'User Y' wants differently. Most of the questions about layout, design, that is just simple CSS and HTML and there are already documentation on that all over the web. The database is a bit more trickier and most users don't even use it. IP.Content is not a CMS. It has the makings to become a CMS and has a good foundation to move beyond a CMS, however it is not a CMS. You have the ability to create dynamic content for your community with IP.Content. But most people 'ask for a generic template (which it has)' but they really want something more complex. It has come a long way. Has the users help define the direction, it tends to point the direction that IP.Content goes. Like the recent addition of 'Widgets' and 'Demo' site using the IPB Wrapper instead of not. However when it comes to the hours I spent making Joomla and Wordpress databases compatibility with IP.Board, member databases sync up only to have to redo it every update. I'm sorry it doesn't matter how many features they have. When it comes down to it most users don't realize they are using Joomla/Wordpress as a blog, post articles or various videos/text content. IP.Content does that already and I don't have to spend hours trying to sync up member databases.
  7. Getting the hang of the new IP.Content. Now its just matter of figuring out what I want to do with CSS. Unfortunately in a uncreative funk...

  8. Loves the newest version of IP.Content

  9. This IP Content is blooming marvelous sometimes

    I think the biggest issue, at least the issue I had with it, is that people are WAY over-thinking it. People are used to Wordpress, Joomla template editing, etc. Which those in my opinion half the time don't make sense. It took me hours to figure out how to skin Wordpress, annoying me that I had to go into a header file for half of it and into the footer for another. I preferred to have everything in one template where I could edit it. IP.Content did that... sort of. Once I broke it down into little building blocks I got the idea of how it all fit together. I think the big problem is that there are 2-3 different ways to skin/customize IP.Content mainly IPB Wrapper and without. A lot of people in their mind have a finished product or layout in mind. They then need to decide which path to take and go with that. Frontpage is simply the template for the main front article view. Article view template is for when you 'view' an article. Page templates are typically individually, separate pages not part of the article system. Blocks are the modules that can fit into your templates. You include CSS like any other html page. Media Database is a different topic entirely. Most people will not use all of IP.Content and it really is multiple things but people try to push them together. You have an article system, very similar to a blog or wordpress system in itself. Then you have a database which can be used for other things, one example was Media. You don't need to do anything with the database for your articles but most try to dive right in instead of taking initial steps. I try to get the layout the way I want. Then I look at what content I can add after that. But that is just me.
  10. New blog entry, writing about my sites(s) conversions from Joomla/Wordpress to IP.Content:

  11. .mkv/.avi to .flv

    The Koyotesoft one seems to work fine. Although I am noticing it isn't including the subtitles when it converts from .mkv to .flv. I haven't seen a setting to adjust to include subtitles, there is adjustments I can make to the audio though. I do have Linux (Ubuntu) operating on another system. I have not used mencoder though. Do you know what command I would run to convert it from .mkv to .flv, would like to maintain higher quality and not have it diluted like youtube does. I am using flowPlayer to play my .flv's through IP.Board currently.
  12. .mkv/.avi to .flv

    There are a lot of various .mkv to .flv file converters on the net. A good portion of them start with a free download for the trial version, which the trial version tends to only convert 20% of the file unless you buy it. I have no way to really test out the quality of how it works. The last 3 I installed were that way so I figured instead of trying each one I'd see if anyone had any suggestions for one. I would prefer free but I don't mind buying it if it is a good converter. The problem is I don't know if it is a good converter. I need one that will handle .mp4, .avi, .mkv, etc to convert them to .flv so I can upload them to my IP.Board. Does anyone have experience with any of the converters out there that could suggest?
  13. IP Gallery 4

    It is about time they finally redid it. Hopefully it will have the missing things that I've been waiting for a long time for: RSS Feed, Image Tag Cloud to make it easier to search through hundreds of uploaded media.
  14. IP.Gallery RSS

    Yes definitely. I have been waiting for that for a very long time.