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  1. Anti-Spam IPB3

    I was using this and it was working well for months.  But recently one night spammers got into my forum en masse and furiously posted over a thousand messages using dozens of registrations.  All the activity came from South Korea. That was a huge mess to clean up, and time consuming, as it takes the forum some time to delete large batches of posts.  After that I disabled this hook and am now back to manually approving registrations.  
  2. Feature to disable user group filter in search

    Ahh, yeah, I don't want my group list exposed publicly either, for the very same reasons you specified.
  3. Anytime I've either moved to different forum software (UBB->phpBB->Invision) or the forum software has been significantly upgraded, there are always people who will complain loudly.  Mostly I think it's because people become "comfortable" with a site and then one day, HOLY COW EVERYTHING IS DIFFERENT.  Many people don't like change.  But invariably they will get used to the new software, and I don't think I've actually ever lost members because of such a change. I know the grumbling will occur yet again when I move from 3.4.8 to 4.x, as it's essentially all new.   I personally have mixed feelings about moving to 4.1.  There are many changes I really like, and there are some areas I'm not crazy about.  I will need to do a full migration on a test forum to make sure there aren't any issues with the upgrade, and that the performance is acceptable. There are some areas that are pretty important to me (like a robust, reliable search engine) that I need to fully test before I switch.  Upgrading is going to be a huge pain in the ass because it's a large forum (over three million posts) with a custom skin (and many third-party skins), custom code changes that I will need to rewrite (things like being able to give edit rights to specific posts and forums, getting emails instantly when specific terms appear in a post, etc.), and other non-trivial areas.  I expect to spend a solid week working on the migration.  But, even with all the work, I look forward to getting onto 4.1 (or whatever it is at the time, maybe 4.2!)  IP.Board 3.4.x is getting a bit long in the tooth now. I personally don't mind the new editor, although I still have mixed feelings about the line spacing.  The absence of BBcodes is really going to throw a lot of people for a loop.  On the other hand, being able to install plugins for things like tables will be a HUGE improvement.  The editor is pretty damn important, since that's how users enter new content, and it's important that it works well.  I'm also not sure how the lack of a "preview" will go over with users.  Even if the post content looks the same as it does in the editor, being able to see your post as it would appear in the context of the thread, and not having all the editor/post chrome around it, is probably comforting for people.   It will be an interesting ride, that's for sure.   ..Al
  4. I agree with you -- I have had to delete and repost status updates that I have made mistakes on, sometimes after others have responded, which results in those comments being lost.
  5. Damn, can't believe I joined this forum over a decade ago!

  6. This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT to me, and I'm glad you brought it up.  I do not allow members to delete their posts at all, as you're absolutely correct in that members who are angry and/or are planning on leaving the forum can wreak havoc amongst threads if they start mass deleting their posts.  I've had it happen before, and I've had to write scripts to restore topics and posts when this has occurred.  The same can happen with post editing--I've had members edit away literally thousands of posts, and again, I had to go to backups to restore them.  I now only allow members to edit posts for 60 minutes, and subscribers can edit posts for 30 days.  I even had to modify the forum software to allow me to give people the ability to indefinitely edit specific posts and threads.  Boy, I wish this was a standard feature, as I will have to modify 4.x with the same functionality, as it's very important on my forum.  If there is only a global setting per user to allow them to delete ALL of their content, I will have to leave it disabled.  Which will be a huge pain in the ass, since people certainly want the ability to delete photos, blog posts, and other things that are not posts/topics.  Please, Invision, consider adding some additional granularity in terms of what privileges users can be given in terms of deleting content.  Thank you,   ..Al
  7. Yes, this is important for my forum as well.  I'm using Sphinx with my IP.Board 3.4.7 forum, and I have it configured to allow searches on two-character search terms.  Which works very well. As an example of why this is important, there is an Atari 2600 homebrew game called "Qb" that people need to be able to search for.  This is not the only such example where searching for a two character term is important, but is one of several. 
  8. Yes, this as well. I used this last night on my 3.4.7 forum. It is critical to allow me and users to find topics quickly.
  9. Not something I personally would use.
  10. You guys are on fire!*  ..Al *if you AND search terms together
  11. That is nice.  I believe you should make one a default, though (preferably "View New Content", but perhaps selectable by the Admin in the stream editor).  Thanks!
  12. Awesome, thanks!  I can't wait to be a further pain in the ass over this issue. Also, I swear that a few days ago I saw "View New Content" to the left of "Mark Site as Read" at the top of the page.  But it's since disappeared.  One of my gripes with the search changes is that "View New Content" is buried in a menu, making it not obvious (for people who don't yet know where it is), and more clicks and navigation to get to it.  This is something a TON of people use on my forum.  I know it can be moved to the root of the menu, but I feel it deserves a more prominent position in the forum template.  Thanks!  ..Al <-- just for you, Charles
  13. I'd still much rather have the AND behavior and not see such a topic, rather than getting a million topics I have absolutely no interest in because they do not contain all of my search terms.  If I don't find what I'm looking for, I will often try different search terms ("vbulletin conversion", "vbulletin converter", "vbulletin convert") until I find what I need.  That's easier than trying to sift through many hundreds of topics that might contain "vbulletin" or "converter" on this site.  A useful and accurate search system is very important to me.  When you have millions of posts on your forum going back over ten years, being able to find quickly find relevant threads is very important.  If people cannot find what they are looking for, they may start a new topic, or simply go to another site that does return accurate search results.   ..Al
  14. Please change the search behavior to AND the search terms by default.  Who the heck wants to get search results where all the terms are not in each search result?  Can you imagine using Google like that?  I'm trying to find something in the Marketplace, which is nigh impossible when you're using multiple search terms (and of course, the same is true in the forum, and even worse since there are many more rows compared to the Marketplace).  It's sad that I still have to use Google to get any meaningful search results from this site.  Pretty funny, as the search I was doing was "media tag" (without the quotes), same as the original poster above.   Thank you.