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  1. Can't access my topic

    The only way out. Client IBResurse - no customer IPS You are not the first.
  2. В России нынче три беды. Третья - хостеры.

    1. seobot


      Все верно :)

  3. The problem with the Cyrillic

    This doesn't help to thoroughly fix the problem. There are several hosters, where the glitch remains. E.g. (those which I've tested) Zenon and Sweb. Today I purposely installed the test forum with corrected files classDbMysqlClient.php and classDbMysqliClient.php, but the problem remains. I can give access to the forum, ftp and phpMyAdmin.
  4. The problem with the Cyrillic

    I am the owner of the Russian version of the license too. And I
  5. The problem with the Cyrillic

    ibresource -- Owners of the Russian version will receive its automatically. There is a desire to use original distribution kit, you have to ask the decision in client area IPS Resources.
  6. IP.Board 3.x have problems with the Russian letters "ш" (code 0xD188) and "И" (code 0xD098). The mapping of these letters, after saving messages in the database banging. The problem occurs only on Russian hosting. As is known, for the correct functioning of the forum, it is necessary database encoding UTF-8. When installing a forum, creating a database and tables in utf8_unicode_ci and setting the locale Forum ru_RU.UTF-8 will still get beaten letters. Peculiarities of Russia's hosting of the fact that our hosters in the file hard-coded windows-1251 encoding in my.cnf. A typical configuration:[client] default-character-set=cp1251 [mysqld] default-character-set=cp1251 default-collation=cp1251_general_ci init-connect="SET NAMES cp1251" skip-character-set-client-handshake If we run the query SHOW VARIABLES LIKE 'character_set%' we obtain the result: character_set_client utf8 character_set_connection utf8 character_set_database utf8 character_set_filesystem binary character_set_results utf8 character_set_server cp1251 character_set_system utf8 character_sets_dir /usr/share/mysql/charsets/ Community virtual hosting, do not have access to edit the my.cnf. But character_set_server cp1251 not allow the forum to work correctly in Unicode Cyrillic. It is possible to make a correct operation of distribution kit regardless of the settings hosting? I know nothing of the number of failures in the application of IP.Board, as the forum. Russia localization of ibresource fix these problems. But what about those who buy a license directly from ips?