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  1. Awards System

  2. Given that IPS has a large base of customers who run a variety of websites (many of whom may not be the most security savvy) would IPS consider sending out a notice to it's customers about heartbleed? Especially given that it has now been shown by researchers that it is possible to get the raw private ssl key using heartbleed. At the very least to suggest that people using SSL certs revoke and reissue.
  3. 4.0 - IPS Connect

    Will IPS Connect be encoded? or viewable source?
  4. Editor Feedback

    Just a quick suggestion on a way to improve the convertibility of bbcode to HTML and back: Add a class attribute to the HTML that a bbcode translates to. Specify it as "bbcode<insertname>tag" and then alter the parser so that it looks for tags with this attribute and parses them. Similarly you could wrap the HTML tags that originate from bbcode in HTML comments. Hell you could even make the comment identifiers unique which would aid parsing things like multi-level quotes. Then you would have the bbcode parser search for these specific comments and certain tags following them before converting the HTML into bbcode and vice versa.
  5. Big Board Conversion

    That is understandable. I just thought I would suggest a potential alternative but given how invested you are I can understand not changing solutions. However getting campaign integration with IP.Board is something that could be done relatively quickly with a custom hook/set of hooks or an app. Both have their pros and cons in this case. I personally think a hook may be more appropriate.There is a list of developers available, experienced with IP.Board and hook/app development, who could potentially take on such a project located here that you may wish to contact about this sort of integration.
  6. Big Board Conversion

    In terms of sending transactional emails (as in emails from the forum itself/Bulk Mail feature) Mandrill is the solution for Mailchimp (as Mailchimp does not appear to offer transactional emails outside of Mandrill).I'm presuming when you are talking about Mailchimp integration you are talking about managing and setting up campaigns from within IP.Board itself as opposed to individual emails/sets of emails using the bulk email feature. It should be possible to code up a solution given their API.There are alternatives to mailchimp that offer both transactional and campaign emails as part of one package, MailJet being the one I use. I haven't integrated the campaigns side of things into IP.Board myself but the transactional emails can use the SMTP settings that are already present in IP.Board without any need for additional coding on that side of things. They also have an API similar to Mailchimp for managing campaigns. The only reason I mention this is the added expense of two bills from Mailchimp (one for Mailchimp proper and one for Mandrill) compared to one from Mailjet that covers the same functionality.
  7. User Trophies for IP Board

    There is another solution as well that may do what you are looking for: for both systems you can customise the awards icons/images.
  8. E-mail Routing

    What about using an algorithm like this: Email comes in: No - Jump to 2Yes - Open new support request in that department No - Check and see if we have any rules about the general email Does it have a SID?Yes - Is that SID valid?Yes - Check if SID is closed/has gone past date when it can be reopenedYes - Jump to 2No - Reply to support request No - Is it coming to a department email address?
  9. Not to mention the need to give modders a decent amount of heads up as to which version it is coming in (assuming they don't want to break any application that uses prototype in conjuction with the prototype libraries IP.Board ships with)
  10. Ad-Block Issues With Ads

    Adblock primarily works by utilising a massive "black list" (There are different third party lists maintained by non ad-block devs) of css classes, element names and direct urls/js packages in order to figure out what is to be blocked. It has some additional features that are sophisticated(such as element level pattern blocking that utilises regex but generally these are targeted at specific sites (and again these can be added to a list). I checked and currently the css classes #ipsAd and #nexusad are on the most commonly used filter list, thus hiding anything wrapped by those classes.
  11. Awards System

    updated to a new version
  12. Awards System

    [quote name='DreadfulGlory' timestamp='1341966809'] Really nice. I love the look of the awards bar in the miniprofile and the fact it gives you an option to add it below the signature. But I just find it a huge hassle that it doesn't automatically resize images. This is an option in the ACP. It will create thumbnails for each award image when it is uploaded based on a new thumbnail setting in the Awards Management settings.
  13. Awards System

    It works with 3.3.x as can be seen on my display site (
  14. Awards System

    updated once more @Moscow: Thanks for the kind comments
  15. It's not a Windows or Mac feature but something that is supported by your browser. The issue is that on 3.2 the way in which the signin form is loaded causes certain browsers not to recognise it as a legitimate password form (because it was created with AJAX) and thus do not autofill the username/password combo you use for that site. The hooks mentioned above were created to fix the problem.