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  1. About IP Nexus

    It does have it's own section too. Which has settings you can control in the ACP.
  2. About IP Nexus

    What do you mean? There is a whole Billing & Purchases area.
  3. Looking very nice

    Darn it. I thought the title of this topic was referring to me. 
  4. About IP Nexus

    Have you looked at this?

    I suppose it depends. Disabled has a nicer ring to it, however, banned has a stronger tone. I feel banned means you are no longer welcome and disabled is simply you are no longer considered an active member. But could be "reactivated" if you so desired.
  6. 3.5.x series

    Have you thought of maybe hiring a developer to build that functionality for you? Not sure how much that would cost or if it's viable. But might be a better option than completely switching boards.
  7. 3.5.x series

    Christ XenForo looks like IPB2. What are those people thinking?
  8. 3.5.x series

    Fair enough. I'm curious why people use such "low power" devices though. I understand they can be cheap and used as learning devices or for side projects. But I never thought anyone would chose to use it for general day to day use. Just get a cheap laptop if that's the case, no?
  9. 3.5.x series

    Looks like something from the 90's. What do people even use it for? Are you seriously suggesting that IPS need to worry about anyone using that thing?
  10. Touch/Swipe improvements for IPS Products

    I may be wrong. However, I believe gestures such as swipe cannot be modified or altered to work a certain way on a website. The gestures will be defined by the web browser application used on the mobile device. So for example, Safari on iPhone will have set gestures you can use to interact with web pages, which will work the same on every website. By nature, these gestures will be very limited in functionality so that the user will have the same experience with which ever website they visit. Websites themselves cannot alter the way gestures will work (from a coding standpoint). So to implement something like: I don't know how you could tell the web app that "if a user swipes here, show next page". This is why most major websites encourage you to go and download their apps instead of using the built in browser, where they can then have full control over the UI. As far as websites go on mobile devices, I think IPS has done a damn good job considering how limiting web browsers on these devises can be.
  11. GEO IP - Restrictions

    It seems even online, refugees don't get much love.
  12. 4.1 Menu Bar Suggestion

    Well I assume the admin would chose whether or not members have the ability to customise the menu bar or not.
  13. To sum up, I dislike working in the Pages area and like working in the themes area because of one reason. When saving your work in themes it does it all very smoothly without reloading the page. However, when saving a file in the Pages app, it reloads the page and takes you back to the 'details' section. So this means every time I have to click back on the 'content' tab and then find the position I was last working on. This can get very tiresome when working on files with large amounts of code. If the "fluid" saving style of themes isn't possible for files in Pages for some technical reason, then at least have it so when someone clicks on 'Save and reload' it reloads it to the tab you were last on. (and even better takes you to where you were scrolled to). Then to put the icing on the cake. Have the navigation system in pages work the same as in themes. It's actually a nightmare right now navigating through all the folders and pages I have...  Edit: Oh, and also. Why is the editing box so ridiculously small in Pages. While in themes it's a reasonable size. 
  14. I completely agree. The lack of documentation is a huge issue right now. I find it crazy that a product so complex as this does not come with a complete user manual. I understand there is a lot to document and they are working on other things but a release rate of barely an article a week is worrying to say the least.
  15. Does feel a lot quicker to me. However, my testing is hardly scientific