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  1. Mobile only ads

    This is why I would like to just add them to the template like I currently do in 3.4 rather than hide ads in certain views.  Where can I paste the ad in both desktop view and mobile view directly?
  2. Mobile only ads

    @Jim M what if you wish to use a non-responsive ad code? Can you mix the two?  Google ad links and I also think that Google Search are not responisve. Where can I paste code under the header and above the footer in the actual template, please?
  3. The new 4.X gallery is certainly improved, however, there's one feature that makes it difficult for serious gallery users and publishers alike - how descriptions are handled after the images are uploaded. ^ In gallery for 4.X, you upload your images via drag and dropping and are then greeted with a beautiful post interface. ^ After you upload your images though, you have to enter the description of each photo one at a time, which negates cutting and pasting of similar descriptions.  You can scroll up and drown via the photo strip on the left to cut/paste descriptions, however, when you select a photo there's a time delay as the new page loads. ^ With 3.4, you can easily scroll up and down your uploaded photos page and cut/paste similar descriptions fast and easy. ^ In a similar fashion, Facebook's photo upload page allows users to quickly cut/paste photo descriptions all on one page, quickly and easily. It would be great if you can change the way photo descriptions are added after they are uploaded to include them all on one page.
  4. THE Boss (Car Talk)

    I do love the new stuff too, but there's nothing quite like the crudeness of the muscle car era of yesterday.  My mom started working at GM in June of 1963 and bought her first Chevrolet, a maroon Corvair in June.  After that, it was Impalas all the way.
  5. THE Boss (Car Talk)

    And adjusting the points. . .
  6. THE Boss (Car Talk)

    I built this 1971 Boss 351 motor back in 1997 for one of my Mustangs and changed it to a different motor and then another, etc.   I just dug it out from the corner and it looks clean for sitting for close to 20-years.  It's a pretty nice engine that revs nicely for its vintage, especially when mated to a four speed (all Boss Mustangs were four speed manuals) and a Detroit Locker with 4.30 axle gears. I love the new muscle cars: Camaro, Challenger, Mustang but there's quite nothing like an old muscle car.
  7. "Flag as spammer" a dangerous tool!

    We set our forums to hide content only and never delete. We strictly disallow any deletion.  It's not we don't trust moderators, rather, what if someone gets ahold of a moderator's password = trouble.
  8. Thank you IPS Inc.

    Well stated
  9. Who flagged a user as spammer?

    excellent suggestion
  10. IPS Licence HTTP HTTPS

    I'm in this camp - we're going to start upgrading sites to 4.whatever next week one by one.  We're a mess right now.
  11. bring back old good support

    Quite frankly, the addons (hooks, etc.) have been the root cause for MANY of the problems with my board that I've filed tickets for.  Having been on warranty side of an auto company, root causes are hard to find because of mods, tunes, version changes and the like - it's very similar.  Moreover, the investigative part in solving problems consumers A LOT of time and resources. . .it ties staff down. With that being said, I've always found IPS to be quick and professional in solving my blunders. Customer service is never an easy proposition.
  12. Agree. You simply cannot keep incorporating and supporting legacy environments forever.  Now that SYNC3 is out, I've already forgotten about the previous versions.
  13. bring back old good support

    I plan on upgrading some sites to 4.X soon and will create a mirror site to see how it all works out to avoid/address problems as they arise. I've been putting in support tickets since 2005 and have never had a bad experience with their support.
  14. Easy enough - it just took me a few tries to figure it out.  Maybe if the box said "click to delete" or something, it would be super easy for people to figure out.
  15. Excellent.  Although, I've already figured out this one